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IJCAI-15 will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from July 25th to July 31st, 2015. We look forward to seeing you there.

Prof. Michael Wooldridge, Professor at the University of Oxford, UK is the IJCAI-15 Conference Chair.

Prof. Qiang Yang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong is the IJCAI-15 Program Chair.

IJCAI-15 Accepted papers

Main Track

Paper ID: 10 - Impartial Peer Review
David Kurokawa (Carnegie Mellon University), Omer Lev(Hebrew University)  Jamie  Morgenstern(Carnegie Mellon University), Ariel D. Procaccia (Carnegie Mellon University)

Paper ID: 13 - Salient Object Detection via Augmented Hypotheses
Nguyen Tam (Singapore Polytechnic)

Paper ID: 17 - Detecting Promotion Campaigns in Community Question Answering
Xin Li (Tsinghua University), Shaoping Ma (Tsinghua University), Xuan Zhu (Samsung R&D Institute China - Beijing), Jiashen Sun (Samsung R&D Institute China - Beijing)

Paper ID: 20 - User Modeling with Neural Network for Review Rating Prediction
Duyu Tang (Harbin Institute of Techonology), Bing  Qin(Harbin Institute of Technology),  Ting  Liu(Harbin Institute of Technology)

Paper ID: 25 - Distance-Bounded Consistent Query Answering
Andreas Pfandler (Vienna University of Technology), Emanuel  Sallinger(Vienna University of Technology)

Paper ID: 35 - Possible and Necessary Allocations via Sequential Mechanisms
Haris Aziz (NICTA and UNSW), Toby  Walsh (NICTA and the University of New South Wales);  Lirong  Xia (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute); 

Paper ID:38 - Collective Biobjective Optimization Algorithm for Parallel Test Paper Generation
Minh Luan Nguyen(Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore); Siu Cheung Hui; Alvis C. M. Fong;

Paper ID: 40 - Semantic Concept Discovery for Large-Scale Zero-Shot Event Detection
Chang  Xiaojun(The University of Queensland);  Yi  Yang(University of Queensland,);  Eric  Xing(Carnegie Mellon University);  Alexander  Hauptmann;  Yaoliang  Yu(Carnegie Mellon University);

Paper ID: 49 - Re-Ranking Voting-Based Answers by Discarding User Behavior Biases
Xiaochi Wei (Beijing Institute of Technology), Xin Xin (Beijing Institute of Technology), Xianling Mao (Beijing Institute of Technology)

Paper ID: 51 - Modeling Mention, Context and Entity with Neural Networks for Entity Disambiguation
Yaming Sun (Harbin Institute of Technology), Zhenzhou Ji , Xiaolong Wang (Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Schoo)

Paper ID: 52 - A Subspace Learning Framework for Cross-Lingual Sentiment Classification with Partial Parallel Data
Guangyou Zhou (Chinese Academy of Sciences), JUN  ZHAO (Chinese Academy of Sciences);  XIAO  MIAO (Temple University)

Paper ID: 57 - Efficient, Private, and epsilon-Strategyproof Elicitation of Tournament Voting Rules
Lee David (Stanford University),

Paper ID: 61 - Weakly Supervised RBM for Semantic Segmentation
Yong Li (NLPR, CASIA), Jing  Liu;  Yuhang  Wang, Lu Han Qing (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Paper ID: 63 - Character-based Parsing with Convolutional Neural Network
Zheng Xiaoqing (Fudan University), Haoyuan  Peng;  Yi  Chen (None); 

Paper ID: 67 - Generalizing the single-crossing property on lines and trees to intermediate preferences on median graphs
Adam D Clearwater (The University of Auckland), Clemens  Puppe;  Arkadii  Slinko(The University of Auckland)

Paper ID: 74 - Sampling with Minimum Sum of Squared Similarities for Nystrom-Based Large Scale Spectral Clustering
Djallel Bouneffouf (BC Cancer Agency), Inanc Birol (BC Cancer Agency)

Paper ID: 75 - Recursive Decomposition for Nonconvex Optimization
Abram Friesen (University of Washington), Pedro  Domingos(University of Washington)

Paper ID: 81 - A Fast Local Search for Mnimum Vertex Cover in Massive Graphs
Shaowei Cai (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Paper ID: 93 - Generalized Rapid Action Value Estimation
Tristan Cazenave (LAMSADE Universite Paris-Dauphine)

Paper ID: 99 - The Adjusted Winner Procedure: Characterizations and Equilibria
Haris Aziz (NICTA and UNSW), Simina Branzei (Aarhus University), Aris Filos-Ratsikas (Aarhus University), Søren Kristoffer Stiil Frederiksen (Aarhus University)

Paper ID: 100 - Linking Heterogeneous Input Features with Pivots for Domain Adaptation
ZHOU GUANGYOU (Stanford University), Zhao  Jun (Tsinghua University);  CAI  LI; 

Paper ID:101 - Equilibria Under the Probabilistic Serial Rule
Haris Aziz(NICTA and UNSW); Serge Gaspers(UNSW and NICTA); Simon Mackenzie(NICTA and UNSW); Nicholas Mattei(NICTA); Nina Narodytska(Carnegie Mellon University); Toby Walsh(NICTA and the University of New South Wales);

Paper ID: 107 - Tractable Classes of Binary CSPs Defined by Excluded Topological Minors
David A Cohen (Royal Holloway University of London), Martin C Cooper(University of Toulouse),  Peter  Jeavons(Oxford University) Stanislav Zivny (University of Oxford)

Paper ID:108 - Action2Activity: Recognizing Complex Activities from Sensor Data
Liu Ye (School of Computing,); Liqiang Li Nie(National University of Singapore); Lei Han; Luming Zhang; David Rosenblum;

Paper ID: 112 - Finding Diverse Solutions of High Quality to Constraint Optimization Problems
Thierry Petit (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Andrew C Trapp(Worcester Polytechnic Institute); 

Paper ID: 119 - Simple Atom Selection Strategy for Greedy Matrix Completion
Zebang Shen (Zhejiang University), Hui  Qian (Zhejiang University); 

Paper ID: 131 - Large Scale Homophyly Analysis in Twitter using a Twixonomy
Paola Velardi (Sapienza Univ. Rome, Italy)

Paper ID: 133 - Offline Sketch Parsing via Shapeness Estimation
Wu Jie (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Changhu  Wang(Microsoft Research),  Liqing   Zhang(Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Yong Rui (Microsoft Research Asia)

Paper ID: 139 - Semantic Single Video Segmentation with Robust Graph Representation
Handong Zhao (Northeastern University), Yun  Fu(Northeastern University)

Paper ID: 140 - Exploring Implicit Hierarchical Structure for Recommender Systems
Suhang  Wang(Arizona State University);  Jiliang  Tang(Arizona State University);  Huan  Liu(Arizona State University);  Yilin  Wang(Arizona State Univerity); 

Paper ID:141 - Bayesian Modelling of Community-Based Multidimensional Trust in Participatory Sensing under Data Sparsity
Venanzi Matteo(University of Southampton); Luke Teacy(University of Southampton); Alex Rogers(University of Southampton); Nick Jennings(University of Southampton);

Paper ID: 144 - Simple Causes of Complexity in Hedonic Games
Dominik  Peters(University of Oxford);  Edith  Elkind(University of Oxford );

Paper ID: 145 - Cross-View Projective Dictionary Learning for Person Re-identification
Sheng Li (Northeastern University),  Ming Shao (Northeastern University), Yun Fu(Northeastern University); 

Paper ID: 152 - Tackling Data Sparseness in Recommendation using Social Media based Topic Hierarchy Modeling
Xingwei  Zhu(Department of CS, Tsinghua University, China);  Zhao-Yan  Ming(Digipen Institute of Technology);  Yu  Hao(Tsinghua University);  Xiaoyan  Zhu(Tsinghua University)

Paper ID:157 - Cross-Domain Collaborative Filtering with Review Text
Xin Xin(Beijing Institute of Technology); Zhirun Liu(Beijing Institute of Technology); Chin-Yew Lin(Microsoft Research Asia); Heyan Huang(Beijing Institute of Technology); Xiaochi Wei(Beijing Institute of Technology);

Paper ID: 158 - Unsupervised Sentiment Analysis for Social Media Images
Yilin  Wang(Arizona State Univerity);  Suhang  Wang ;  Jiliang  Tang(Arizona State University);  Huan  Liu(Arizona State University);  baoxin  li(ASU)

Paper ID: 159 - Mining Expert Play to Guide Monte Carlo Search in the Opening Moves of Go
Steinmetz Erik (University of Minnesota), Maria L. Gini(University of Minnesota); 

Paper ID: 160 - MORRF : Sampling-Based Multi-Objective Motion Planning
Daqing Yi (Brigham Young University), Michael A Goodrich(Brigham Young University);  Kevin D Seppi(Brigham Young University)

Paper ID: 164 - Joint Learning of Character and Word Embeddings
Lei Xu (Department of CS, Tsinghua University, China);  Xinxiong  Chen(Department of CS, Tsinghua University, China);  Zhiyuan  Liu(Tsinghua University);  Maosong  Sun;  Huanbo  Luan;

Paper ID:171 - Improving the Efficiency of Dynamic Programming on Tree Decompositions via Machine Learning
Michael Abseher(Vienna University of Technology); Frederico Dusberger(Vienna University of Technology); Nysret Musliu(Vienna University of Technology); Stefan Woltran(Vienna University of Technology);

Paper ID: 181 - Using a Recursive Neural Network to Learn an Agent's Decision Model for Plan Recognition
Francis Bisson (Universite de Sherbrooke), Hugo  Larochelle(Université de Sherbrooke);  Froduald  Kabanza(Université de Sherbrooke);

Paper ID: 203 - Word-error correction of continuous speech recognition based on Normalized Relevance Distance
Yohei Fusayasu(Kobe University), Katsuyuki Tanaka(Kobe University), Tetsuya Takiguchi(Kobe University), Yasuo Ariki(Kobe University),

Paper ID: 209 - Solving MDPs with Skew Symmetric Bilinear Utility Functions
Hugo  Gilbert (Sorbonne Universites, UPMC Univ Paris 06);  Olivier  Spanjaard (UPMC);  Paolo  Viappiani (LIP6, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, CNRS);  Paul  Weng (SYSU-CMU Joint Institute of Engineering)

Paper ID: 210 - A Hybrid Neural Model for Type Classification of Entity Mentions
Li  Dong (Beihang University);  Furu  Wei (Microsoft Research);  Hong  Sun (Microsoft);  Ming  Zhou (Microsoft Research);  Ke  Xu (Beihang University); 

Paper ID: 211 - Estimating the Probability of Meeting a Deadline in Hierarchical Plans
Liat  Cohen (Ben-Gurion University);  Solomon  Shimony (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev);  Gera  Weiss (Ben-Gurion University);

Paper ID: 213 - A Scalable Community Detection Algorithm for Large Graphs Using Stochastic Block Models
Chengbin  Peng (KAUST);  Zhihua  Zhang ;  Ka-Chun   Wong ;  Xiangliang   Zhang  ;  David  Keyes ;

Paper ID: 214 - Equilibrium Refinement through Negotiation in Binary Voting
Umberto  Grandi (Université Toulouse 1 Capitole);  Davide  Grossi (University of Liverpool);  Paolo  Turrini (Imperial College London);

Paper ID: 215 - Indirect Causes in Dynamic Bayesian Networks Revisited
Alexander Motzek (Universitat zu Lubeck), Ralf  Moeller (Universitat zu Lubeck);

Paper ID: 218 - Pushdown Multi-Agent System Verification
Aniello Murano (Universita di Napoli Federico II), Giuseppe  Perelli (University of Naples); 

Paper ID: 226 - Social Image Parsing by Cross-Modal Data Refinement
Zhiwu  Lu (Renmin University of China);  Xin  Gao (KAUST);  Liwei  Wang (Peking University);  Songfang  Huang (IBM China Research Lab);

Paper ID: 234 - Integrated Anchor and Social Link Predictions across Social Networks
Jiawei Zhang (University of Illinois at Chicago);  Philip Yu (Universtiy of Illinois at Chicago);

Paper ID: 238 - Syntax-based Deep Matching of Short Texts
Wang Mingxuan (ICT);  Lu  Zhengdong ;  Li  Hang (Huawei Technologies);  Qun  Liu (Institute of Computing Technology, CAS);

Paper ID: 239 - Recommendation Algorithms for Optimizing Hit Rate, User Satisfaction and Website Revenue
Xin  Wang (Institute of Artificial Intelligence);  Yunhui  Guo (Zhejiang University);  Congfu  Xu (Zhejiang University);

Paper ID: 245 - Exploiting Symmetries by Planning for a Descriptive Quotient
Mohammad  Abdulaziz (National ICT Australia);  Charles   Gretton (National ICT Australia);  Michael  Norrish (National ICT Australia);

Paper ID: 247 - Positive, Negative, or Neutral: Learning an Expanded Opinion Lexicon from Emoticon-annotated Tweets
Felipe Bravo-Marquez (University of Waikato), Eibe  Frank (University of Waikato);  Bernhard  Pfahringer (University of Waikato); 

Paper ID: 248 - Mobility Profiling for User Verification with Anonymized Location Data
Miao  Lin (Institute for Infocomm Research);  Hong  Cao (McLaren Applied Technology);  Vincent W. Zheng (Advanced Digital Sciences Center);  Kevin C.  Chang ;  Shonali  Krishnaswamy ;

Paper ID: 249 - Modeling Users' Dynamic Preference for Personalized Recommendation
Xin Liu (Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), A*STAR)

Paper ID: 251 - Compressive Document Summarization via Sparse Optimization
Jin-ge  Yao (Peking University);  Xiaojun  Wan (Peking University);  Jianguo  Xiao (Peking University);

Paper ID:252 - Representation Learning for Measuring Entity Relatedness with Rich Information
Yu Zhao(Tsinghua University); Zhiyuan Liu(Tsinghua University); Maosong Sun;

Paper ID:255 - Competitive Pricing for Cloud Computing in an Evolutionary Market
Bolei Xu(The University of Nottingham Ningbo China); Tao Qin(Microsoft Research Asia); Guoping Qiu(The University of Nottingham Ningbo China); Tieyan Liu(Microsoft Research Asia);

Paper ID:257 - A Clustering Algorithm for Massive Amount of Texts
Ming Liu(Harbin Institute of Technology); BingQuan Liu(Harbin Institute of Technology); XiangNan Zhao(Harbin Bank); XiaoLong Wang(Harbin Institute of Technology);

Paper ID: 261 - Auxiliary Information Regularized Machine for Multiple Modality Feature Learning
Yang  Yang (Nanjing University);  Han-Jia  Ye (Nanjing University);  De-Chuan  Zhan (Nanjing University);  Yuan  Jiang (Nanjing University); 

Paper ID:264 - Differentially Private Matrix Factorization
Jingyu Hua(Nanjing University); Chang XIA(Department of CS&T, Nanjing University); Sheng Zhong;

Paper ID: 268 - Inferring Painting Style with Multi-task Dictionary Learning
Gaowen  Liu ;  Yan  Yan (DISI, University of Trento);  Elisa  Ricci ;  Yi  Yang (University of Queensland,);  Yahong  Han (Tianjin University);  Nicu  Sebe ;

Paper ID: 271 - Environment-driven social force model: Lévy walk pattern in collective behavior
Danyan  Lv (Southeast University, Nanjing, China);  Zhaofeng  Li (Southeast University);  Yichuan  Jiang (Southeast University);

Paper ID: 284 - What Do We Elect Committees For? A Voting Committee Model for Multi-Winner Rules
Piotr Skowron (University of Warsaw)

Paper ID: 288 - Music Recommenders: User Evaluation Without Real Users?
Susan  Craw (Robert Gordon University);  Ben  Horsburgh (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen);  Stewart  Massie (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen)

Paper ID: 292 - ReACTR: Realtime Algorithm Configuration through Tournament Rankings
Tadhg  Fitzgerald (Insight Center for Data Analytics);  Yuri  Malitsky (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center);  Barry  O'Sullivan (University College Cork)

Paper ID: 297 - Non-Myopic Negotiators See What's Best
Yair  Zick (Carnegie-Mellon University);  Yoram  Bachrach (Microsoft Research);  Ian  Kash (Microsoft Research);  Peter  Key (Microsoft);

Paper ID: 300 - Characterization of Scoring Rules with Distances: Application to the Clustering of Rankings
Paolo Viappiani (LIP6, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, CNRS)

Paper ID:301 - ICBS: The Improved Conflict-based Search algorithm for Multi-Agent Pathfinding
Eli Boyarski(Bar-Ilan University); Ariel Felner(Ben-Gurion University of the Negev); Roni Stern(Ben Gurion University); Guni Sharon(Ben-Gurion University); Oded Betzalel(Ben-Gurion University); Solomon Shimony(Ben-Gurion University of the Negev); David Tolpin(University of Oxford);

Paper ID: 312 - Automatic Dominance Breaking for Constraint Optimization Problems
Christopher Mears (Monash University),  Maria  Garcia-de-la-Banda (Monash University);

Paper ID: 313 - Trailer Generation via A Point Process-based Visual Attractiveness Model
Hongteng  Xu (School of ECE);  Yi  Zhen (Georgia Institute of Technology);  Hongyuan  Zha (Georgia Institute of Technology); 

Paper ID: 320 - Classical Planning with Simulations: Results on the Atari Video Games
Nir  Lipovetzky (University of Melbourne);  Miquel  Ramirez (Australian National University);  Hector  Geffner (ICREA & Universitat Pompeu Fabra);

Paper ID:321 - Exploiting k-Degree Locality to Improve Overlapping Community Detection
Hongyi Zhang(The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Michael R Lyu(The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Irwin King(The Chinese University of Hong Kong);

Paper ID: 324 - Reader-Aware Multi-Document Summarization via Sparse Coding
Piji  Li (The Chinese University of Hong Kong);  Lidong  Bing (The Chinese University of Hong Kong);  Wai  Lam (The Chinese University of Hong Kong);  Hang  Li (Huawei Technologies);

Paper ID: 334 - AdaBPR: A Boosting Algorithm for Item Recommendation with Implicit Feedback
Yong  Liu (Nanyang Technological University);  Peilin  Zhao (Institute for Infocomm Research);  Aixin  Sun (Nanyang Technological University);  Chunyan  Miao (Nanyang Technological University);

Paper ID: 335 - Learning Term Embeddings for Hypernymy Identification
Zheng  Yu (East China Normal University);  Haixun  Wang (Google Research);  Xuemin  Lin (University of New South Wales);

Paper ID:337 - Differential Semantics of Intervention in Bayesian Networks
Biao Qin(Renmin University of China);

Paper ID: 347 - {Unsupervised Learning of an IS-A Taxonomy from a Limited Domain-Specific Corpus
Daniele Alfarone (KU Leuven), Jesse  Davis (KU Leuven);

Paper ID:356 - Exploratory Digraph Navigation using A*
Fabrice Mayran de Chamisso(CEA, LIST); Laurent Soulier(CEA, LIST); Micha?l Aupetit(Qatar Computing Research Institute);

Paper ID: 360 - Expressive Logical Combinators for Free
Pierre  Geneves (CNRS);   Alan  Schmitt (Inria)

Paper ID: 363 - Strategy-Proofness of Scoring Allocation Correspondences for Indivisible Goods
Nhan-Tam  Nguyen (Heinrich-Heine University Dusseldorf);  Dorothea  Baumeister (Universitaet Duesseldorf);  Joerg  Rothe (Universitaet Duesseldorf)

Paper ID: 370 - Online Learning to Rank for Content-Based Image Retrieval
Pengcheng  Wu ;  Steven C. H.   Hoi (SMU);  Peilin  Zhao (Institute for Infocomm Research  (I2R), A*STAR);  Ji  Wan (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences);   Xingyu Gao (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences);  Dayong  Wang ;

Paper ID: 375 - A Multicore Tool for Constraint Solving
Amadini  Roberto (University of Bologna);  Maurizio  Gabbrielli (University of Bologna);  Jacopo  Mauro (University of Bologna)

Paper ID: 376 - A Scalable Interdependent Multi-Issue Negotiation Protocol for Energy Exchange
Muddasser  Alam (University of Southampton);  Enrico H Gerding (University of Southmapton);  Alex  Rogers (University of Southampton);  Sarvapali D Ramchurn (ECS - Southampton, UK)

Paper ID: 377 - How Robust is the Wisdom of the Crowds?
Noga  Alon (Tel Aviv University and Microsoft Research);  Michal  Feldman (Tel Aviv University and Microsoft Research);  Omer  Lev (Hebrew University);  Moshe  Tennenholtz (Technion);

Paper ID: 384 - Reasoning with Style
Marti  Bosch (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya);  Pierre  Geneves (CNRS);  Nabil  Layaida (Inria);

Paper ID: 387 - Welfare Maximization in Fractional Hedonic Games
Haris Aziz (NICTA and UNSW), Serge  Gaspers (UNSW and NICTA);  Joachim   Gudmundsson , Julián Mestre (University of Sydney), Hanjo Täubig (Technische Universität München)

Paper ID: 395 - Parliamentary Voting Procedures: Agenda Control, Manipulation, and Uncertainty
Robert  Bredereck (Technische Universitaet Berlin);  Jiehua  Chen (TU Berlin);  Rolf  Niedermeier (TU Berlin);  Toby  Walsh (NICTA and the University of New South Wales);

Paper ID:402 - Optimal mechanism design for partially rational bidders
Zihe Wang(IIIS, Tsinghua University); Pingzhong Tang(Tsinghua University);

Paper ID: 415 - Max-Sum Goes Private
Tamir  Tassa (The Open University);  Roie  Zivan (Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel);  Tal  Grinshpoun (Ariel University);

Paper ID:416 - Tracking political elections on social media : Applications and Experience
Danish Contractor(IBM Research); Bhupesh Chawda(IBM Research); Sameep Mehta(IBM Research); L Venkata Subramaniam(IBM Research); Tanveer A Faruquie(IBM Research);

Paper ID: 422 - Personalizing Product Rankings using Collaborative Filtering on Opinion-derived Topic Profiles
Claudiu C Musat (EPFL);  Boi  Faltings (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne);

Paper ID: 426 - A Modularity-based Random SAT Instances Generator
Jesús Giráldez-Crú (IIIA - CSIC), Jordi  Levy (IIIA-CSIC)

Paper ID: 429 - Gibbard-Satterthwaite Games
Edith  Elkind (University of Oxford );  Umberto  Grandi (Université Toulouse 1 Capitole);  Francesca  Rossi (University of Padova and Harvard University);  Arkadii  Slinko (The University of Auckland);

Paper ID: 432 - Learning Cooperative Games
Maria F Balcan (Carnegie-Mellon University);  Ariel D. Procaccia (Carnegie Mellon University);  Yair  Zick (Carnegie-Mellon University)

Paper ID: 438 - Emotions in Argumentation: an Empirical Evaluation
Mohamed Sahbi Benlamine (University of Montreal);  Maher  Chaouachi (University of Montreal);  Serena  Villata (Inria Sophia Antipolis);  Elena  Cabrio (Inria Sophia Antipolis);  Claude  Frasson (University of Montreal);  Fabien  Gandon (Inria Sophia Antipolis)

Paper ID: 440 - Compiling Constraint Networks into Multivalued Decomposable Decision Graphs
Frederic Koriche (CRIL-CNRS and Université d'Artois), Jean-Marie JM Lagniez (CRIL-CNRS and Université d'Artois);  Marquis  Pierre (CRIL-CNRS and Université d'Artois);  Samuel  Thomas (CRIL-CNRS and Université d'Artois)

Paper ID:442 - Handling Complex Commands for Service Robot Task Requests
Perera Vittorio(Carnegie Mellon University); Manuela Veloso(Carnegie Mellon University);

Paper ID: 449 - Context-Independent Claim Detection for Argumentation Mining
Marco Lippi (University of Bologna), Paolo Torroni (University of Bologna)

Paper ID: 456 - Cost-optimal and Net-benefit Planning--A Parameterised Complexity View
Meysam  Aghighi (Linköping University);  Christer  Bäckström (Linköping University);

Paper ID: 458 - Building Personal Ad Recommendation Systems for Life-Time Value Optimization with Guarantees
Georgios  Theocharous (Adobe Research);  Philip  Thomas (University of Massachusetts Amherst);  Mohammad  Ghavamzadeh (Adobe);

Paper ID: 462 - Efficient Operations on MDDs for building Constraint Programming Models
Guillaume  Perez (University Nice Sophia Antipolis);  Jean-Charles  Regin (Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis);

Paper ID: 464 - Coherence Across Components in Cognitive Systems ? One Ontology to Rule Them All
Gregor  Behnke (Ulm University);  Denis  Ponomaryov (Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems);  Marvin Rudiger Georg Schiller (Ulm University);  Pascal  Bercher (Ulm University);  Florian  Nothdurft (Ulm University);  Birte  Glimm (Ulm University);  Susanne  Biundo (Ulm University);

Paper ID: 467 - Medical Synonym Extraction with Concept Space Models
Chang  Wang (IBM Research);  Liangliang  Cao (IBM TJ Waston);

Paper ID: 472 - Combining Eye Movements and EEG to Enhance Emotion Recognition
Yifei  Lu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University);  Wei-Long  Zheng (Shanghai Jiao Tong University);  Bin-Bin  Li (Shanghai Jiao Tong University);  Bao-Liang  Lu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University);

Paper ID: 482 - Maximum Satisfiability using Cores and Correction Sets
Nikolaj  Bjorner (Microsoft Research);  Nina  Narodytska (Carnegie Mellon University); 

Paper ID: 483 - The Complexity of MAP Inference in Bayesian Networks Specified Through Logical Languages
Denis  Maua (Universidade de Sao Paulo);  Cassio P de Campos (Queen's University Belfast);  Fabio G Cozman (Universidade de Sao Paulo);

Paper ID: 494 - Dissecting German Grammar and Swiss Passports: Open-Domain Decomposition of Compositional Entries in Large-Scale Knowledge Repositories
Marius Pasca (Google Inc.), Hylke  Buisman (Google Inc.); 

Paper ID: 499 - Mixed Discrete-Continuous Heuristic Generative Planning based on Flow Tubes
Enrique  Fernandez-Gonzalez (MIT);  Erez  Karpas (MIT);  Brian C Williams (MIT)

Paper ID: 509 - Tight Bounds for HTN planning with Task Insertion
Ron Alford (ASEE Postdoc at the U.S. Naval Research Lab), Pascal  Bercher (Ulm University);  David  Aha (Naval Research Laboratory);

Paper ID: 510 - Revisiting Gaussian Process Dynamical Models
Jing  Zhao (East China Normal University);  Shiliang  Sun (East China Normal University);

Paper ID: 513 - Joint Learning of Constituency and Dependency Grammars by Decomposed Cross-Lingual Induction
Wenbin  Jiang (Institute of Computing Technology, CAS);  Qun  Liu (Institute of Computing Technology, CAS);

Paper ID: 521 - Solving Heads-up Limit Texas Hold'em
Oskari Tammelin; Neil Burch(University of Alberta); Michael Johanson(University of Alberta); Michael Bowling(University of Alberta);

Paper ID: 523 - Adversarial Hierarchical-Task Network Planning for Complex Real-Time Games
Santiago Ontañon Villar (Drexel University, USA), Michael  Buro (University of Alberta)

Paper ID: 529 - Modeling Quantum Entanglements in Quantum Language Models
Mengjiao  Xie (Tianjin University, China);  YueXian  Hou (Tianjin University, China);  Peng  Zhang (Tianjin University, China);  Jingfei  Li (Tianjin University, China);  Wenjie  Li (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University);  Dawei  Song (Tianjin University, China);,

Paper ID: 530 - Adaptive Discriminative Reordering Model for Statistical Machine Translation Based on Structure Learning
Biao  Zhang (Software Institute, Xiamen University);  JinSong  Su (Software Institute, Xiamen University);  JunFeng  Yao

Paper ID: 545 - Spiteful Bidding in the Dollar Auction
Marcin  Waniek (University of Warsaw);  Agata  Niescieruk (Polish-Japanese Academy of IT);  Tomasz P Michalak (University of Oxford/University of Warsaw);  Talal  Rahwan (Masdar Institute of Science and Technology)

Paper ID: 547 - Security Games with Information Leakage: Modeling and Computation
Haifeng  Xu (University of Southern California);  Albert Xin  Jiang (Trinity University);  Arunesh  Sinha (University of Southern California);  Zinovi  Rabinovich (Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd);  Shaddin  Dughmi (University of Southern California);  Milind  Tambe (University of Southern California)

Paper ID: 550 - Fixing tournaments for kings, chokers, and more
Michael  Kim (Stanford University);  Virginia V Williams (Stanford University)

Paper ID: 554 - Knowledge Base Completion Using Embeddings and Rules
Quan  Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences);  Bin  Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Paper ID: 565 - Computer Science on the Move: Inferring Migration Regularities from the Web via Compressed Label Propagation
Fabian  Hadiji (TU Dortmund University);  Martin  Mladenov (TU Dortmund University);  Christian  Bauckhage (University of Bonn and Fraunhofer IAIS);  Kristian  Kersting (TU Dortmund University)

Paper ID:569 - Biclustering gene expressions using factor graphs and the max-sum algorithm
Matteo Denitto(University of Verona); Manuele Bicego(CS Dept. - Univ. of Verona); Alessandro Farinelli(CS Dept., Univ. of Verona);

Paper ID:580 - Inducing Probabilistic Relational Rules from Probabilistic Examples
Luc De Raedt(KU Leuven); Anton Dries(KU Leuven); Ingo Thon(KU Leuven); Guy Van den Broeck(KU Leuven); Mathias Verbeke(KU Leuven);

Paper ID: 589 - Personalized Tour Recommendation based on User Interests and Points of Interest Visit Durations
Kwan Hui  Lim (The University of Melbourne);  Jeffrey  Chan (The University of Melbourne);  Christopher  Leckie (The University of Melbourne);  Shanika  Karunasekera (The University of Melbourne)

Paper ID: 604 - Sorting Sequential Portfolios in Automated Planning
Núñez Sergio (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Daniel  Borrajo (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid);  Carlos  Linares López (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid);

Paper ID: 608 - Efficient Algorithms with Performance Guarantees for the Stochastic Multiple-Choice Knapsack Problem
Long  Tran-Thanh (University of Southampton);  Yingce  Xia (Microsoft Research Asia);  Tao  Qin (Microsoft Research Asia);  Nick  Jennings (University of Southampton)

Paper ID: 614 - Interest Inference via Structure-Constrained Multi-Source Multi-Task Learning
Xuemeng  Song (National University of Singapore);  Liqiang Li Nie (National University of Singapore);  Luming  Zhang ;  Tat-Seng  Chua

Paper ID: 616 - Deep Multimodal Hashing with Orthogonal Regularization
Daixin  Wang (Tsinghua University);  Peng  Cui (Tsinghua University);  Mingdong  Ou ;  Wenwu  Zhu

Paper ID: 620 - Packing Curved Objects
Ignacio Salas (Ecole des Mines de Nantes), Gilles  Chabert (Ecole des Mines de Nantes);

Paper ID: 621 - Optimal Incremental Preference Elicitation during Negotiation
Tim Baarslag (University of Southampton), Enrico H Gerding (University of Southmapton);

Paper ID: 622 - Formal Analysis of Dialogues on Infinite Argumentation Frameworks
Francesco Belardinelli (Université d'Evry, France), Davide  Grossi (University of Liverpool);  Nicolas  Maudet (LIP6, UPMC);

Paper ID: 623 - Model-based Genetic Algorithms for Algorithm Configuration
Carlos  Ansotegui (University of Lleida);  Yuri  Malitsky (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center);  Horst  Samulowitz (Thomas J. Watson Research Center, USA);  Meinolf  Sellmann (IBM);  Kevin  Tierney (University of Paderborn)

Paper ID: 635 - A Synthetic Approach for Recommendation: Combining Ratings, Social Relations, and Reviews
Guang-Neng  Hu (Dept. Computer Sci, Nanjing University);  Xin-Yu  Dai (Nanjing University);   Yunya  Song ;  Shu-Jian  Huang ;  Jia-Jun  Chen ;

Paper ID: 638 - Compositional Program Synthesis from Natural Language and Examples
Mohammad Raza, Sumit  Gulwani (Microsoft Research Redmond);  Natasa  Milic-Frayling (Microsoft Research Cambridge);

Paper ID: 643 - Information Gathering in Networks via Active Exploration
Adish  Singla (ETH Zurich);  Eric  Horvitz ;  Pushmeet  Kohli (Microsoft Research);  Ryen  White (Microsoft Research);  Andreas  Krause (ETH Zurich);

Paper ID:649 - A Study of Human-Agent collaboration for Multi-UAV Coordination in Dynamic Environments
Sarvapali D Ramchurn(ECS - Southampton, UK); Joel E Fischer(University of Nottingham); Yuki Ikuno(University of Southampton); Feng Wu(University of Science and Technology of China); Jack Flann(University of Southampton); Antony Waldock(BAE Systems);

Paper ID:656 - Active Learning from Crowds with Unsure Option
Jinhong Zhong(University of Science and Technology of China); Ke Tang(University of Science and Technology of China); Zhi-Hua Zhou(Nanjing University);

Paper ID: 658 - Simultaneous Abstraction and Equilibrium Finding in Games
Noam Brown (Carnegie Mellon University), Tuomas  Sandholm (CMU);

Paper ID: 661 - Factored Upper Bounds for Multiagent Planning Problems under Uncertainty with Non-Factored Value Functions
Frans Oliehoek (University of Liverpool), Matthijs  Spaan (Delft University of Technology);  Stefan  Witwicki (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology  (EPFL))

Paper ID: 665 - Personalized Ranking Metric Embedding for Next New POI Recommendation
Shanshan  Feng (Nanyang Technological University);  Xutao Li ;  Yifeng  Zeng (Teesside University);  Gao  Cong ;  Yeow Meng  Chee ;  Quan  Yuan ;

Paper ID:670 - Video Covariance Matrix Logarithm for Human Action Recognition in Videos
Piotr T Bilinski(INRIA); Francois Bremond(INRIA);

Paper ID: 671 - Non-monotone Adaptive Submodular Maximization
Alkis  Gotovos (ETH Zurich);  Amin  Karbasi (Yale University);  Andreas  Krause (ETH Zurich)

Paper ID: 672 - Symbolic model-checking for single resource RB+-ATL
Natasha Alechina (Nottingham University), Brian  Logan (University of Nottngham);  Hoang Nga  Nguyen (University of Nottingham);  Franco  Raimondi (Middlesex University)

Paper ID: 684 - H-Index Manipulation by Merging Articles: Models, Theory, and Experiments
René van Bevern (TU Berlin), Christian  Komusiewicz (TU Berlin);  Rolf  Niedermeier (TU Berlin);  Manuel  Sorge (TU Berlin);  Toby  Walsh (NICTA and the University of New South Wales)

Paper ID: 685 - Integrating Partial Order Reduction and Symmetry Elimination for Cost-Optimal Classical Planning
Martin  Wehrle (University of Basel);  Malte  Helmert (University of Basel);  Alexander  Shleyfman (Technion, Haifa);  Michael  Katz (IBM Haifa Research Lab);

Paper ID: 687 - Network Representation Learning with Rich Text Information
Cheng  Yang (Tsinghua University in PRC);  Zhiyuan  Liu (Tsinghua University);  Deli  Zhao (HTC Beijing);  Maosong  Sun (Tsinghua University in PRC);  Edward  Chang (HTC Beijing)

Paper ID: 688 - Verifying Emergent Properties of Swarms
Alessio Lomuscio (Imperial College London), Panagiotis  Kouvaros (Imperial College London);

Paper ID: 692 - Optimization of probabilistic argumentation with Markov Decision Models
Emmanuel Hadoux (LIP6 / UPMC), Aurelie  Beynier (LIP6, Université Pierre et Marie Curie);  Nicolas  Maudet (LIP6, UPMC);  Paul  Weng (SYSU-CMU Joint Institute of Engineering);  Anthony  Hunter (University College London);

Paper ID: 693 - Saliency Detection with a Deeper Investigation of Light Field
Jun  Zhang (Hefei University of Technology);  Meng  Wang (Hefei University of Technology);  Jun  Gao (Hefei University of Technology);  Yi  Wang (Hefei University of Technology);  Xudong  Zhang (Hefei University of Technology);  Xindong  Wu (Hefei University of Technology)

Paper ID: 695 - Intelligent Agent Supporting Human-Multi-Robot Team Collaboration
Rosenfeld  Ariel (Bar-Ilan University);  Noa  Agmon (Bar-Ilan University);  Oleg  Maksimov (Bar-Ilan University);  Amos  Azaria (CMU);  Sarit  Kraus (Bar-Ilan University);

Paper ID: 702 - The Logic of Qualitative Probability
James Delgrande (School of Computing Science), Bryan  Renne

Paper ID: 705 - A characterization of n-player strongly monotone scheduling mechanisms
Annamaria Kovacs (Goethe University Frankfurt), Angelina  Vidali (Pierre and Marie Curie University-LIP6)

Paper ID: 707 - A Common-Sense Conceptual Categorization System Integrating Proxytypes and the Dual Process of Reasoning
Antonio Lieto (University of Turin and ICAR CNR), Daniele Paolo  Radicioni (University of Turin );  Valentina  Rho (University of Turin );

Paper ID: 709 - The Game-Theoretic Interaction Index on Social Networks With Applications to Link Prediction and Community Detection
Piotr Szczepański, Tomasz P Michalak (University of Oxford/University of Warsaw);  Talal  Rahwan (Masdar Institute of Science and Technology);  Aleksy  Barcz (Warsaw University of Technology)

Paper ID: 712 - Greedy Structure Search for Sum-Product Networks
Aaron Dennis (Brigham Young University), Dan  Ventura (Brigham Young University)

Paper ID: 713 - A Dictatorship Theorem for Cake Cutting
Simina Brânzei (Aarhus University), Peter Bro B Miltersen (Aarhus University)

Paper ID: 718 - Anytime Inference in Probabilistic Logic Programs with Tp-compilation
Jonas Vlasselaer (KU Leuven), Guy  Van den Broeck (KU Leuven);  Angelika  Kimmig (KU Leuven);  Wannes  Meert (KU Leuven);  Luc  De Raedt (KU Leuven)

Paper ID: 720 - Truthful Cake Cutting Mechanisms with Externalities: Do not make them care for others too much!
Minming Li (City University of Hong Kong), Jialin  Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences);  Qiang  Zhang (Institute of Informatics)

Paper ID: 727 - Learning to Interpret Natural Language Commands through Human-Robot Dialog
Thomason Jesse (University of Texas at Austin), Shiqi  Zhang (University of Texas at Austin);  Raymond  Mooney (University of Texas at Austin);  Peter  Stone (The University of Texas at Austin)

Paper ID: 729 - Applying Max-sum to Asymmetric Distributed Constraint Optimization
Roie Zivan (Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel), Tomer  Parash (Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel);  Yarden   Naveh

Paper ID: 735 - Tractable inquiry in information-rich environments
Barbara Dunin-Keplicz, Alina  Strachocka (Institute of Informatics)

Paper ID: 737 - Strategic Candidacy Games with Lazy Candidates
Edith Elkind (University of Oxford ), Svetlana  Obraztsova (Tel Aviv University);  Maria  Polukarov (University of Southampton);  Zinovi  Rabinovich (Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd)

Paper ID: 740 - Convergence to Equilibria in Strategic Candidacy
Maria  Polukarov (University of Southampton);  Svetlana  Obraztsova (Tel Aviv University);  Zinovi  Rabinovich (Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd);  Alexander  Kruglui (St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University );  Nick  Jennings (University of Southampton)

Paper ID: 744 - Embedding Semantic Relations into Word Representations
Danushka  Bollegala (University of Liverpool);  Takanori  Maehara (Shizuoka University);  Ken-ichi  Kawarabayashi (National Institute of Informatics)

Paper ID: 754 - Optimal Policy Generation for Partially Satisfiable Co-Safe LTL Specifications
Bruno  Lacerda (School of Computer Science);  David  Parker (University of Birmingham);  Nick   Hawes (University of Birmingham)

Paper ID: 755 - Multi-Objective POMDPs with Lexicographic Reward Preferences
Kyle H Wray (University of Massachussetts at Amherst);  Shlomo  Zilberstein (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Paper ID: 758 - On the Graded Acceptability of Arguments
Davide  Grossi (University of Liverpool);  Sanjay  Modgil (King's College London)

Paper ID: 761 - Toward Estimating Others? Transition Models Under Occlusion for Multi-Robot IRL
Bogert  Kenneth (University of Georgia);  Prashant  Doshi (University of Georgia)

Paper ID: 779 - Mechanism Design and Search Algorithm for Lung Exchange
Suiqian Luo (Tsinghua University), Pingzhong  Tang (Tsinghua University)

Paper ID: 784 - Deordering and Numeric Macro Actions for Plan Repair
Scala Enrico (Research School of Computer Science, ANU), Pietro  Torasso (Universita' degli Studi di Torino)

Paper ID: 786 - SAT is an Effective and Complete Method for Solving Stable Matching Problems with Couples
Joanna  Drummond (University of Toronto);  Andrew Perrault (University of Toronto);  Fahiem   Bacchus (University of Toronto)

Paper ID: 789 - Metareasoning for Planning Under Uncertainty
Christopher  Lin (University of Washington);  Andrey  Kolobov (Microsoft Research);  Ece  Kamar (Microsoft Research);  Eric  Horvitz

Paper ID: 791 - Prior-based Dual Additive Latent Dirichlet Allocation for User-item Connected Documents
Wei  Zhang (Department of Computer and Science);  Jianyong  Wang (Tsinghua University)

Paper ID: 796 - Face clustering in videos with proportion prior
Zhiqiang  Tang (Institute of Automation);  Yifan  Zhang ;  lu  han qing (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Paper ID: 808 - Influence in Classification via Cooperative Game Theory
Amit  Datta (Carnegie Mellon University);  Anupam  Datta (Carnegie Mellon University);  Ariel D. Procaccia (Carnegie Mellon University);  Yair  Zick (Carnegie-Mellon University)

Paper ID: 812 - Automated Rule Selection for Aspect Extraction in Opinion Mining
Qian  Liu (Southeast University, Nanjing, China);  Zhiqiang  Gao (Southeast University);  Bing  Liu (University of Illinois at Chicago);  Yuanlin  Zhang (Texas Tech University)

Paper ID: 823 - Iterative Learning of Parallel Lexicons and Phrases from Non-Parallel Corpora
Meiping  Dong ( Department of CS, Tsinghua University, China);  Yang  Liu (Department of CS, Tsinghua University, China);  Maosong  Sun ;

Paper ID:828 - Uncovering Hidden Structure through Parallel Problem Decomposition for the Set Basis Problem: Application to Materials Discovery
Yexiang Xue(Cornell University); Stefano Ermon(Stanford University); Carla P Gomes(Cornell University); Bart Selman(Cornell University);

Paper ID: 829 - Optimal Greedy Diversity for Recommendation
Ashkan  Azin (Technicolor Research);  Branislav  Kveton (Adobe Research);  Shlomo  Berkovsky (CSIRO);  Zheng  Wen (Yahoo! Labs)

Paper ID: 830 - Multi-Document Abstractive Summarization Using ILP based Multi-Sentence Compression
Siddhartha  Banerjee (The Pennsylvania State University);  Prasenjit  Mitra (The Pennsylvania State University);  Kazunari   Sugiyama (National University of Singapore)

Paper ID: 834 - Uncovering the Formation of Triadic Closure in Social Networks
Zhanpeng  Fang ( Department of CS, Tsinghua University, China);  Jie  Tang (Tsinghua University);)

Paper ID: 841 - Equilibrium Analysis of Multi-Defender Security Games
Jian  Lou (Vanderbilt University );  Yevgeniy  Vorobeychik (Vanderbilt University)

Paper ID: 842 - Incorporating Domain and Sentiment Supervision in Representation Learning for Domain Adaptation
Biao  Liu (Tsinghua University);  Minlie  Huang (Tsinghua University)

Paper ID: 847 - Raising Expectations in GDA Agents Acting in Dynamic Environments
Dustin  Dannenhauer (Lehigh University);  Hector  Munoz-Avila (Lehigh University)

Paper ID: 853 - Incentivizing Peer Grading in MOOCs: An Audit Game Approach
Alejandro  Carbonara (Carnegie Mellon University);  Anupam  Datta (Carnegie Mellon University);  Arunesh  Sinha (University of Southern California);  Yair  Zick (Carnegie-Mellon University)

Paper ID: 861 - Co-Acquisition of Spatial Language Syntax and Semantics
Michael  Spranger (Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc.);  Luc  Steels

Paper ID: 866 - From Weighted to Unweighted Model Counting
Supratik  Chakraborty (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay);  Dror  Fried (Rice University);  Kuldeep  Meel (Rice University);  Moshe Y. Vardi (Rice University)

Paper ID: 867 - Building Hierarchies of Concepts via Crowdsourcing
Yuyin  Sun (University of Washington);  Adish  Singla (ETH Zurich);  Dieter  Fox (University of Washington);  Andreas  Krause (ETH Zurich)

Paper ID: 872 - Convolutional Neural Tensor Network Architecture for Community-based Question Answering
Xipeng  Qiu (Fudan University);  Xuanjing  Huang (Fudan University)

Paper ID: 874 - Learning Context-Sensitive Word Embeddings with Neural Tensor Skip-Gram Model
PengFei  Liu ;  Xipeng  Qiu (Fudan University);  Xuanjing  Huang (Fudan University)

Paper ID: 876 - Selling Reserved Instances in Cloud Computing
Changjun Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences);  Weidong  Ma (Microsoft Research Asia);  Tao  Qin (Microsoft Research Asia);  Xujin  Chen (Chinese Academy of Sciences);  Xiaodong   Hu (Chinese Academy of Sciences);  Tieyan  Liu (Microsoft Research Asia),

Paper ID: 883 - Multi-Modality Tracker Aggregation: from Generative to Discriminative
Xiaoqin  Zhang (Institute of Intelligent System and Decision);  Xiuzi  Ye ;  Wei  Li

Paper ID:889 - Influence Maximization in Big Network: An Incremental Algorithm for Streaming Subgraph Influence Spread Estimation
Wei-Xue Lu(AMSS, Chinese Academy of Sciences); Peng Zhang(Chinese Academy of Sciences); Chuan Zhou(Institute of Information Engineering, CAS); Chunyi Liu(Chinese Academy of Sciences); Li Gao(Institute of Information Engineering, CAS);

Paper ID: 894 - Optimizing Sentence Modeling and Selection for Document Summarization
Wenpeng Yin (University of Munich), Yulong  Pei (Carnegie Mellon University)

Paper ID: 903 - Target-dependent Twitter Sentiment Classification with Rich Automatic Features
Tin  Vo (Singapore University of Technology and Design);  Yue  Zhang (Singapore University of Technology and Design)

Paper ID: 904 - Interplanetary Trajectory Planning with Monte Carlo Tree Search
Daniel  Hennes (European Space Agency);  Dario  Izzo (European Space Agency)

Paper ID: 908 - Deep Learning for Event-Driven Stock Prediction
Xiao  Ding (Harbin Institute of Technology);  Yue  Zhang (Singapore University of Technology and Design);  Ting  Liu (Harbin Institute of Technology);  Junwen  Duan (Harbin Institute of Technology)

Paper ID: 915 - Multi-Pass High-Level Presolving
Kevin  Leo (Faculty of IT, Monash University,);  Guido  Tack (Monash University);

Paper ID: 919 - Interactive Gender Inference with Integer Linear Programming
Shoushan  Li ( Soochow University);  Jingjing  Wang (Soochow University);  Guodong  Zhou (Soochow University)

Paper ID: 927 - Synthesis for LTL and LDL on finite traces
Giuseppe De Giacomo (Sapienza University of Rome), Moshe Y. Vardi (Rice University)

Paper ID: 932 - Sparse Probabilistic Matrix Factorization by Laplace Distribution for Collaborative Filtering
Liping  Jing (School of Computer and Information Technology);  Peng  Wang (Beijing Jiaotong University);

Paper ID: 935 - Planning for Stochastic Games with Co-safe Objectives
Lei  Song (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia);  Yuan  Feng (QCIS, University of Technology, Sydney);  Lijun  Zhang ;

Paper ID:936 - Envy-free Sponsored Search Auctions with Budgets
Bo Tang(University of Liverpool); Jinshan Zhang(Dept. of Computer Science);

Paper ID: 943 - On the Effective Configuration of Planning Domain Models
Mauro  Vallati (University of Huddersfield);  Frank  Hutter (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany);  Lukas  Chrpa (University of Huddersfield);  Thomas Leo McCluskey (University of Huddersfield);

Paper ID: 944 - Revenue Maximization Envy-free Pricing for Homogeneous Resources
Gianpiero  Monaco (University of L'Aquila);  Piotr  Sankowski (Institute of Informatics);  Qiang  Zhang (Institute of Informatics)

Paper ID: 945 - Scalable Graph Hashing with Feature Transformation
Qing-Yuan  Jiang (Department of CS&T, Nanjing University);  Wu-Jun  Li (Nanjing University)

Paper ID: 949 - Convolutional Neural Networks for Text Hashing
Jiaming  Xu (Chinese Academy of Sciences);  peng  wang (Institute of Automation of the CAS);  Guanhua  Tian ;  bo  xu ;  Jun  Zhao (NLPR, Chinese Academy of Sciences);  wei hong hao ,

Paper ID: 954 - Modeling Inter- and Intra-Part Deformations for Object Structure Parsing
cai  ling ( Xiamen University);  Rongrong  Ji ( Xiamen University);

Paper ID:955 - Multi-Label Active Learning: Query Type Matters
Sheng-Jun Huang(Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astrona); Songcan Chen(NUAA); Zhi-Hua Zhou(Nanjing University);

Paper ID:956 - Strategic Abstention based on Preference Extensions: Positive Results and Computer-Generated Impossibilities
Florian Brandl(Technische Universit?t M?nchen); Felix Brandt(Technical University of Munich); Christian Geist; Johannes Hofbauer(Technische Universit?t M?nchen);

Paper ID: 969 - Delete Relaxations for Planning with State-Dependent Action Costs
Florian Geiβer (University of Freiburg), Thomas  Keller (University of Freiburg);  Robert  Mattmüller (University of Freiburg);

Paper ID: 980 - Integrating Importance, Non-redundancy and Coherence Graph-based Extractive Summarization
Daraksha  Parveen (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies);  Michael  Strube (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies)

Paper ID: 982 - Local Translation Prediction with Global Sentence Representation
Jiajun Zhang (Institute of Automation of the CAS)

Paper ID: 992 - Efficient Model Based Diagnosis with Maximum Satisfiability
Joao Marques-Silva (INESC-ID/IST. University of Lisbon), Mikolas  Janota (INESC-ID);  Alexey  Ignatiev (INESC-ID Lisboa);  Antonio  Morgado (INESC-ID/IST. University of Lisbon)

Paper ID: 993 - Reactive Integrated Motion Planning and Execution
Andreas  Hofmann (Massachusetts Institute of Technology);  Enrique  Fernandez-Gonzalez (MIT);  Justin  Helbert (Massachusetts Institute of Technology);  Scott D Smith (Boeing Corporation);  Brian C Williams (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Paper ID: 995 - Efficient and Accurate Set Based Registration of Aerial Images
Arandjelovic Ognjen (Deakin University)

Paper ID:1002 - Cognitive Modelling for Predicting Examinee Performance
Runze Wu(University of Science and Technology of China); Yuping Liu(University of Science and Technology of China); Qi Liu(University of Science and Technology of China); Enhong Chen; Yu Su(Anhui USTC iFLYTEK Co., Ltd.); Zhigang Chen(Anhui USTC iFLYTEK Co., Ltd.); Guoping Hu(Anhui USTC iFLYTEK Co., Ltd.);

Paper ID: 1007 - Probabilistic Inference Based Message-Passing For Resource Constrained DCOPs
Supriyo  Ghosh (Singapore Management University);  Akshat  Kumar (Singapore Management University);  Pradeep  Varakantham (Singapore Management University)

Paper ID: 1009 - A Bargaining Mechanism for One-Way Games
Andres Abeliuk (NICTA), Gerardo  Berbeglia (NICTA and Melbourne Business School);  Pascal  Van Hentenryck (NICTA and Australian National University)

Paper ID: 1016 - An Exact Inference Scheme for MinSAT
Chu-Min  Li (Univ. PIcardie, France);  Felip  Manya (IIIA-CSIC, Spain);

Paper ID: 1018 - Do we criticise (and laugh) in the same way? Multi-lingual automatic detection of satirical news in Twitter
Francesco Barbieri (Universitat Pompeu Fabra ), Horacio  Saggion (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona);  Francesco  Ronzano (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona);

Paper ID: 1019 - On the Online Generation of Effective Macro-operators
Lukas Chrpa (University of Huddersfield), Mauro  Vallati (University of Huddersfield);  Thomas Leo McCluskey (University of Huddersfield)

Paper ID: 1025 - Tradeoffs between Incentive Mechanisms in Boolean Games
Vadim Levit (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev), Zohar  Komarovsky (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev);  Tal  Grinshpoun (Ariel University);  Amnon  Meisels (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

Paper ID:1026 - Filtering Nogoods Lazily in Dynamic Symmetry Breaking During Search
Jimmy Lee(The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Zichen Zhu(The Chinese University of Hong Kong);

Paper ID: 1028 - Probabilistic Knowledge-Based Programs
Lang Jéróme (CNRS-LAMSADE), Bruno  Zanuttini (GREYC, Normandie Université);

Paper ID: 1035 - A Unified Model for Unsupervised Opinion Spamming Detection Incorporating Text Generality
Yinqing Xu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Bei  Shi ;  Wentao  Tian ;  Wai  Lam (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Paper ID: 1039 - Bonus or Not? Learn to Reward in Crowdsourcing
Ming Yin (Harvard University), Yiling  Chen (Harvard University)

Paper ID: 1040 - Logic-geometric programming: An optimization-based approach to combined task and motion planning
Marc Toussaint (University of Stuttgart)

Paper ID: 1042 - Compiling Away Uncertainty in Strong Temporal Planning with Uncontrollable Durations
Andrea Micheli (Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy), Minh  Do (SGT & NASA ARC);  David E Smith (NASA Ames Research Center);

Paper ID: 1050 - Simulation-Based Admissible Dominance Pruning
Alvaro Torralba (Saarland University), Joerg  Hoffmann (Saarland University);

Paper ID:1059 - CEIL: A scalable, resolution limit free approach for detecting communities in large networks
Vishnu Sankar(Indian Institute of Technology, Madras); Balaraman Ravindran(Indian Institute of Technology Madras); Shivashankar S(Ericsson);

Paper ID: 1060 - An Expert-Level Card Playing Agent Based on a Variant of Perfect Information Monte Carlo Sampling
Florian Wisser (Vienna University of Technology)

Paper ID: 1068 - A Pseudo-Polynomial Algorithm for Computing Power Indices in Graph-Restricted Weighted Voting Games
Oskar  Skibski (Kyushu University);  Tomasz P Michalak (University of Oxford/University of Warsaw);  Yuko  Sakurai (Kyushu University);  Makoto  Yokoo (Kyushu University)

Paper ID: 1073 - Maximizing the Coverage of Information Propagation in Social Networks
Zhefeng  Wang (University of Science and Technology of China);  Qi  Liu (University of Science and Technology of China);  Yu  Yang (Simon Fraser University);  Yong  Ge (UNC Charlotte);  Enhong  Chen ;  Biao  Chang (University of Science and Technology of China)

Paper ID:1078 - Multi-Armed Bandits for Adaptive Constraint Propagation
Amine Balafrej(Ecole de Mines de Nantes); Anastasia Paparrizou(Universit? Montpellier, LIRMM-CNRS); Christian Bessiere(CNRS);

Paper ID: 1082 - Further Connections between Contract-Scheduling and Ray-Searching Problems
Spyros Angelopoulos (CNRS and University Pierre et Marie Curie)

Paper ID:1083 - Towards Addressing the Winograd Schema Challenge - Building and Using Needed Tools
Arpit Sharma(Arizona State University); Somak Aditya(Arizona State University); Nguyen H Vo(Arizona State University); Chitta Baral(Arizona State University);

Paper ID: 1086 - Efficiency and complexity of price competition among single-product vendors
Ioannis  Caragiannis (University of Patras);  Xenofontas  Chatzigeorgiou (University of Patras);  Panagiotis  Kanellopoulos (University of Patras);  George A. Krimpas (University of Patras);  Nikos  Protopapas (University of Patras);  Alexandros A. Voudouris (University of Patras),

Paper ID: 1095 - When Schwartz' Conjecture Holds
Matthias Mnich (Bonn University), Yash Raj  Shrestha (ETH Zurich);  Yongjie  Yang (MMCI, Saarland University)

Paper ID: 1098 - Models of Action Concurrency in Temporal Planning
Jussi Rintanen (Aalto University)

Paper ID: 1100 - On Constrained Boolean Pareto Optimization
Chao Qian (Nanjing University), Yang  Yu (Nanjing University);  Zhi-Hua  Zhou (Nanjing University)

Paper ID: 1101 - Structure in Dichotomous Preferences
Edith Elkind (University of Oxford ), Martin  Lackner (TU Vienna); 

Paper ID: 1102 - Computing Possibly Optimal Solutions for Multi-Objective Constraint Optimisation with Tradeoffs
Nic  Wilson (University College Cork);  Razak  Abdul (University College Cork);  Radu  Marinescu (IBM Research)

Paper ID: 1112 - Finite Abstractions for the Verification of Epistemic Properties in Open Multi-Agent Systems
Francesco Belardinelli (Université d'Evry, France), Davide  Grossi (University of Liverpool);  Alessio  Lomuscio (Imperial College London);

Paper ID:1113 - Combining Preference Elicitation and Search in Multiojbective State-Space Graphs
Nawal Benabbou(LIP6, UPMC); Patrice Perny(LIP6 - UPMC);

Paper ID: 1114 - How to select one preferred assertional-based repair from inconsistent and uncertain Description Logic knowledge bases?
Salem Benferhat (CRIL-CNRS UMR 8188), Zied  Bouraoui (CRIL-CNRS UMR 8188);  Karim   Tabia 

Paper ID: 1115 - Structural Tractability of Shapley and Banzhaf Values in Allocation Games
Gianluigi  Greco (University of Calabria);  Francesco  Lupia (University of Calabria);  Francesco  Scarcello (University of Calabria)

Paper ID:1123 - Algorithmic exam generation
Omer Geiger(Technion - Israel Institute of Techn); Shaul Markovitch(Technion - Israel Institute of Techn);

Paper ID:1124 - Estimating the Margin of Victory of Elections using Sampling
Palash Dey(Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore); Y. Narahari(Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore);

Paper ID: 1128 - Point-Based Planning for Multi-Objective POMDPs
Diederik  Roijers (University of Amsterdam);  Shimon  Whiteson (University of Amsterdam);  Frans  Oliehoek (University of Liverpool)

Paper ID: 1130 - Pushing Forward Marginal MAP with Best-First Search
Radu  Marinescu (IBM Research);  Rina  Dechter (University of California, Irvine);  Alexander  Ihler (ifornia, Irvine);

Paper ID: 1141 - Improving the Effectiveness of SAT-Based Preprocessing for MaxSAT
Jeremias  Berg (University of Helsinki);  Paul  Saikko (University of Helsinki);  Matti  Järvisalo (University of Helsinki);

Paper ID: 1143 - Prime Compilation of Non-Clausal Formulae
Alessandro  Previti (University College Dublin);  Alexey  Ignatiev (INESC-ID Lisboa);  Antonio  Morgado (INESC-ID/IST. University of Lisbon);  Joao  Marques-Silva (INESC-ID/IST. University of Lisbon)

Paper ID: 1149 - Literal-Based MCS Extraction
Carlos Mencía (CASL. University College Dublin), Alessandro  Previti (University College Dublin);  Joao  Marques-Silva (INESC-ID/IST. University of Lisbon)

Paper ID: 1157 - Structural Results for Cooperative Decentralized Control Models
Jilles Dibangoye (INSA Lyon), Olivier  Buffet (INRIA);  Olivier  Simonin ;

Paper ID: 1167 - Analysis of Sampling Algorithms for Twitter
Deepan  Palguna (Purdue University);  Vikas  Joshi (IBM India Research Lab);  Venkatesan  Chakaravarthy (IBM Research - India);  Ravi  Kothari (IBM India Research Lab);  L Venkata Subramaniam (IBM Research)

Paper ID: 1174 - Limited Lookahead in Incomplete-Information Games
Christian  Kroer (Carnegie Mellon University);  Tuomas  Sandholm (CMU);

Paper ID: 1179 - Lie on the Fly: Practical Manipulation with Incomplete Information
Lihi  Dery (Ariel University);  Zinovi  Rabinovich (Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd);  Svetlana  Obraztsova (Tel Aviv University);  Meir  Kalech (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

Paper ID: 1187 - Solving QBF by Clause Selection
Mikolas  Janota (INESC-ID);  Joao  Marques-Silva (INESC-ID/IST. University of Lisbon)

Paper ID: 1193 - Regression Model Fitting under Differential Privacy and Model Inversion Attack
Yue  Wang (University of North Carolina at Charlotte);  Cheng  Si (University of Arkansas);  Xintao  Wu (University of Arkansas)

Paper ID: 1197 - A Privacy Preserving Algorithm for Multi-Agent Planning and Search
Brafman Ronen (Department of Computer Science)

Paper ID: 1201 - Optimal Network Security Hardening Using Attack Graph Games
Karel Durkota (Czech Technical University), Viliam  Lisy ;  Branislav  Bosansky (Aarhus University);  Christopher  Kiekintveld (University of Texas at El Paso)

Paper ID: 1203 - Temporal Planning with Semantic Attachment of Non-Linear Monotonic Continuous Behaviours
Josef  Bajada (King's College London);  Maria  Fox (King's College London);  Derek  Long (King's College London)

Paper ID: 1213 - Composing and Verifying Commitment-Based Multiagent Protocols
Matteo  Baldoni (Universitá di Torino, Dip. di Informatica);  Cristina  Baroglio (Universitá degli Studi di Torino);  Amit K. Chopra (Lancaster University);  Munindar P Singh (NC State University))

Paper ID: 1216 - Computing Optimal Mixed Strategies for Security Games with Dynamic Payoffs
Yue  Yin (University of Chinese Academic of Sciences);  Haifeng  Xu (University of Southern California);  Jiarui  Gan (University of Chinese Academic of Sciences);  Bo  An (Nanyang Technological University);  Albert Xin Jiang (Trinity University)

Paper ID: 1217 - Strategic Network Formation through Intermediaries
Elliot  Anshelevich (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute);  Onkar  Bhardwaj (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute);  Koushik  Kar

Paper ID: 1220 - AskWorld: Budget-Sensitive Query Evaluation for Knowledge-on-Demand
Mehdi  Samadi (Carnegie Mellon Univeristy);  Partha Pratim Talukdar (Indian Institute of Science);  Manuela  Veloso (Carnegie Mellon University);  Tom  Mitchell (Carnegie Mellon University)

Paper ID: 1223 - Detecting Emotions in Social Media: A Constrained Optimization Approach
Yichen  Wang (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA);  Aditya   Pal (IBM)

Paper ID: 1228 - Nonnegative Matrix Tri-factorization with Graph Regularization for Community Detection in Social Networks
Yulong  Pei (Carnegie Mellon University);  Nilanjan  Chakraborty (Stony Brook University);  Katia  Sycara (Carnegie Mellon University)

Paper ID: 1233 - Active Learning for Coreference Resolution
Mrinmaya Sachan (Carnegie Mellon Univesity) Eduard  Hovy (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

Paper ID: 1245 - Stick-Breaking Policy Learning in DEC-POMDPs
Miao  Liu (MIT);  Christopher   Amato (University of New Hampshire);  Xuejun  Liao (Duke University);  Jonathan  P. How (MIT);  Lawrence  Carin (Duke University)

Paper ID: 1246 - Smooth UCT Search in Computer Poker
Johannes  Heinrich (University College London);  David  Silver (Google DeepMind)

Paper ID: 1249 - Approximate Nash equilibria with near optimal social welfare
Artur  Czumaj (University of Warwick);  Michail  Fasoulakis (University of Warwick);  Marcin  Jurdzinski (University of Warwick)

Paper ID: 1252 - Maximal Cooperation in Repeated Games on Social Networks
Catherine Moon (Duke University) Vincent  Conitzer (Duke University)

Paper ID: 1253 - Efficient Search with an Ensemble of Heuristics
Mike  Phillips (Carnegie Mellon University);  Venkatraman  Narayanan (Carnegie Mellon University);  Sandip  Aine (Indraprastha Institute of Information Tech.);  Maxim  Likhachev (CMU)

Paper ID: 1259 - Spectrum-based Fault Localisation for Multi-Agent Systems
Lúcio Passos (Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto), Rui  Abreu (Universidade do Porto);  Rosaldo J. F. Rossetti (Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto);

Paper ID: 1280 - Exploiting the Structure of Unsatisfiable Cores in MaxSAT
Carlos Ansotegui (University of Lleida), Frederic  Didier (Google);  Joel  Gabas (University of Lleida);

Paper ID: 1282 - On the Resiliency of Unit Propagation to Max-Resolution
Andre  Abrame (Aix-Marseille University);  Djamal  Habet (Aix-Marseille University) 

Paper ID:1290 - Reduced Time-Expansion Graphs for Solving Cooperative Path Finding Sub-optimally
Pavel Surynek(Charles University Prague);

Paper ID: 1294 - Bootstrapping domain ontologies from Wikipedia: a uniform approach
Daniil  Mirylenka (University of Trento, Italy);  Andrea  Passerini ;  Luciano  Serafini (Fondazione Bruno Kessler);

Paper ID: 1297 - The Complexity of Model Checking Succinct Multiagent Systems
Xiaowei Huang (University of New South Wales)

Paper ID:1308 - Towards Applying Interactive Dynamic Influence Diagrams to Real-Time Strategy Games
Ross Conroy(Teesside University); Yifeng Zeng(Teesside University); Marc Cavazza(Teesside University); Yingke Chen(University of Georgia);

Paper ID: 1316 - An Adaptive Computational Model for Personalized Persuasion
Kang  Yilin (Nanyang Technological University);  Ah-Hwee  Tan (Nanyang Technological University))

Paper ID: 1317 - Optimal Route Search with the Coverage of Users' Preferences
Xuefeng  Chen (University of Electronic Sci.and Tech. );  Yifeng  Zeng (Teesside University);  Xin  Cao (Queen' University Belfast);  Shengchao  Qin (Teesside University);  Marc  Cavazza (Teesside University);  Yanping  Xiang (University of Electronic Sci.and Tech. )

Paper ID: 1320 - Wisdom of Waze
Shoshana  Vasserman (Harvard University);  Michal  Feldman (Tel Aviv University);  Avinatan  Hassidim (Bar Ilan University)

Paper ID: 1322 - Kernel Contraction and Base Dependence: A Theoretical Benchmark for Relevance
Mehrdad  Oveisi (Simon Fraser University);  James  Delgrande (School of Computing Science);  Fred  Popowich (Simon Fraser University);  Francis Jeffry  Pelletier

Paper ID: 1330 - Optimal planning with axioms
Franc  Ivankovic (NICTA and Australian National University);  Patrik  Haslum (Australian National University)

Paper ID: 1333 - Saul: Towards Declarative Learning Based Programming
Parisa  Kordjamshidi (UIUC);  Dan   Roth (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);  Hao  Wu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);

Paper ID: 1341 - Agile Planning for Real-World Disaster Response
Feng  Wu (University of Science and Technology of China);  Sarvapali D Ramchurn (ECS - Southampton, UK);  Wenchao  Jiang (University of Nottingham);  Joel  Fischer (University of Nottingham);  Tom  Rodden (University of Nottingham);  Nick  Jennings (University of Southampton);,

Paper ID: 1357 - Semi-Universal Portfolios with Transaction Costs
Dingjiang  Huang (East China University of Science and Tech.);  Yan  Zhu (East China University of Science and Tech.);  Bin  Li (Wuhan University );  Shuigeng  Zhou (Fudan University);  Steven C. H.   Hoi (SMU)

Paper ID:1360 - An Iterative Approach to Synthesize Data Transformation Programs
bo wu(University of Southern California); Craig A. Knoblock(University of Southern California);

Paper ID: 1362 - Automated Geometry Theorem Proving for Human-Readable Proofs
Ke  Wang (University of California, Davis);  Zhendong  Su (University of California, Davis);

Paper ID: 1365 - Ranked Voting on Social Networks
Ariel D. Procaccia (Carnegie Mellon University)Nisarg  Shah (Carnegie Mellon University);  Eric  Sodomka (Facebook);

Paper ID: 1367 - Exploiting Block Deordering for Improving Planners Efficiency
Lukas  Chrpa (University of Huddersfield);  Fazlu Hasan Siddiqui (Australian National University);

Paper ID: 1370 - Automatic Generation of Raven's Progressive Matrices
Ke  Wang (University of California, Davis);  Zhendong  Su (University of California, Davis);

Paper ID: 1376 - On the empirical time complexity of random 3-SAT at the phase transition
Zongxu  Mu (University of British Columbia);  Holger H. Hoos (University of British Columbia)

Paper ID: 1383 - Personalized Mathematical Word Problem Generation
Oleksandr  Polozov (University of Washington);  Eleanor  O'Rourke (University of Washington);  Adam M Smith (University of Washington);  Luke  Zettlemoyer (University of Washington);  Sumit  Gulwani (Microsoft Research Redmond);  Zoran  Popovic(University of Washington)

Paper ID:1388 - Polynomial-Time Reformulations of LTL Temporally Extended Goals into Final-State Goals
Jorge Torres(Pontificia Universidad Cat?lica de Chile); Jorge A. Baier(Pontificia Universidad Cat?lica de Chile);

Paper ID: 1396 - Opportunities or Risks to Reduce Labor Force in Crowdsourcing Translation? Characterizing Cost v.s. Quality in Balance
Rui Yan (University of Pennsylvania)

Paper ID:1401 - Quantifying Robustness of Trust Systems Against Collusive Unfair Rating Attacks Using Information Theory
Dongxia Wang(School of Computer Engineering); Tim Muller(Nanyang Technological Unversity); Jie Zhang(Nanyang Technological University); Yang Liu(Nanyang Technological University);

Paper ID: 1403 - Hamming Compatible Quantization for Hashing
Zhe  Wang (Peking University);  Ling-Yu  Duan (Peking University, China);  Jie  Lin (Institute for Infocomm Research  (I2R));  Xiaofang  Wang (Peking University, China);  Tiejun  Huang (Peking University, China);  Wen  Gao (Peking University, China);

Paper ID:1404 - A New Input Method for Human Translators: Integrating Machine Translation Effectively and Imperceptibly
Guoping Huang(NLPR, CASIA, Beijing. P.R. China); Jiajun Zhang(Institute of Automation of the CAS); Yu Zhou(Institute of Automation, CAS, P.R. China); Chengqing Zong(Institute of Automation, CAS, P.R. China);

Paper ID: 1412 - Joint POS Tagging and Text Normalization for Informal Text
Chen  Li (University of Texas at Dallas);  Yang  Liu (University of Texas at Dallas)

Paper ID: 1413 - Short and Sparse Text Topic Modeling via Self-Aggregation
Xiaojun  Quan (Institute for Infocomm Research  (I2R));  Chunyu  KIT (City University of Hong Kong);  Yong  Ge (UNC Charlotte);  Sinno Jialin  Pan (Nanyang Technological University)

Paper ID: 1417 - The Right to Obscure: a Mechanism and Initial Evaluation
Eric  Huang (Stanford University);  Jaron  Lanier (Microsoft Research);  Yoav  Shoham (Stanford University)

Paper ID:1419 - Web Page Classification based on Uncorrelated Semi-supervised Intra-view and Inter-view Manifold Discriminant Feature Extraction
Qian Liu(School of Computer, Wuhan University); Jing Xiao-Yuan(Computer of School, Wuhan University); Wu Fei(School of Computer, Wuhan University); Yangping Zhu(School of Computer, Wuhan University);

Paper ID: 1421 - Using External Resources and Joint Learning for BigramWeighting in ILP-Based Multi-Document Summarization
Chen  Li (University of Texas at Dallas);  Yang  Liu (University of Texas at Dallas);  Lin  Zhao (Bosch North American)

Paper ID: 1440 - Towards Domain-Specific SR: A Case Study from Geography
Sen W Shilad (Macalester College);  Isaac  Johnson (University of Minnesota);  Rebecca  Harper (Willamette University);  Huy  Mai (Brandeis University);  Samuel  Horlbeck Olsen (Macalester College);  Benjamin  Mathers (Macalester College);  Laura Souza Vonessen (University of Arizona);  Matthew  Wright (University of Minnesota--Twin Cities);  Hecht  Brent (University of Minnesota)

Paper ID: 1446 - Catch the Black Sheep: Unified Shilling Attack Detection based on Fraudulent Action Propagation
Yongfeng  Zhang (Tsinghua University);  Yunzhi  Tan ;  Min  Zhang (Tsinghua University    );  Yiqun  Liu (Tsinghua University    );  Shaoping  Ma (Tsinghua University)

Paper ID: 1460 - FlashNormalize: Programming by Examples for Text Normalization
Dileep  Kini (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);  Sumit  Gulwani (Microsoft Research Redmond);

Paper ID: 1464 - A Fast Goal Recognition Technique based on Interaction Estimates
Yolanda  Escudero Martin (USRA);  Maria Dolores  Rodriguez Moreno (Universidad de Alcala);  David E Smith (NASA Ames Research Center)

Paper ID: 1466 - Grounding the Meaning of Words through Vision and Interactive Gameplay
Natalie  Parde (University of North Texas);  Adam  Hair (University of North Texas);  Michalis  Papakostas (University of Texas Arlington);  Konstantinos  Tsiakas (University of Texas Arlington);  Maria  Dagioglou (N.C.S.R. Demokritos);  Vangelis  Karkaletsis (N.C.S.R. Demokritos);  Rodney  Nielsen (University of North Texas);

Paper ID: 1476 - ASAP-UCT: Abstraction of State-Action Pairs in UCT
Ankit  Anand (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi);  Aditya Grover (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi); Mausam . (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi);  Parag   Singla (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi);

Paper ID: 1480 - Adaptive Sharing for Image Classification
Li  Shen (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences);  Gang  Sun (Inst. of Software, Chinese Academy of Science);  Zhouchen  Lin (Peking University);  Qingming  Huang (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences);  Enhua  Wu (Inst. of Software, Chinese Academy of Science);

Paper ID: 1482 - Graph-based Inverse Optimal Control for Robot Manipulation
Arunkumar  Byravan (University of Washington, Seattle);  Monfort  Mathew (University of Illinois at Chicago  (UIC));  Brian  Ziebart (University of Illinois at Chicago  (UIC));  Byron  Boots (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA);  Dieter  Fox (University of Washington);

Paper ID: 1488 - Extending AGM Contraction to Arbitrary Logics
Zhiqiang  Zhuang (Griffith University);  Zhe  Wang (Griffith University);  Kewen  Wang (Griffith University);  James  Delgrande (School of Computing Science)

Paper ID: 1490 - Towards City-scale Mobile Crowdsourcing: Task Recommendations under Trajectory Uncertainties
Cen  CHEN (School of Information Systems);  Shih-Fen  Cheng  (School of Information Systems);  Archan  MISRA  (Singapore Management University);  Hoong Chuin  LAU (Singapore Management University)

Paper ID: 1491 - Generalized Transitive Distance with Minimum Spanning Random Forest
Zhiding  Yu (Carnegie Mellon University);  Weiyang  Liu (Peking University);  Wenbo  Liu (Carnegie Mellon University);  Xi  Peng (Institute for Infocomm Research  (I2R), A*STAR);  Zhuo  Hui (Carnegie Mellon Univeristy);  Vijayakumar  Bhagavatula (Carnegie Mellon University);

Paper ID:1497 - An Ontology Matching Approach Based on Affinity-Preserving RandomWalks
xiang chuncheng(GeTao);

Paper ID: 1498 - Portfolio Choices with Orthogonal Bandit Learning
Weiwei  Shen (GE Global Research);  Jun  Wang (Columbia University);  Yu-Gang  Jiang (Fudan University)

Paper ID:1500 - From Raw Sensor Data to Detailed Spatial Knowledge
Peng Zhang(The Australian National University); Jae Hee Lee(The Australian National University); Jochen Renz(The Australian National University);

Paper ID: 1504 - Learning Geographical Hierarchy Feature for Image Location Prediction
Zhang  Xiaoming (Beihang University);  Xia  Hu (Arizona State Univerity)

Paper ID: 1512 - A Deterministic Partition Function Approximation for Exponential Random Graph Models
Wen  Pu (LinkedIn Corp);  Jaesik  Choi (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Tech);  Yunseong  Hwang (UNIST);  Eyal  Amir (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);

Paper ID: 1517 - Exchange of Indivisible Objects with Asymmetry
Zhaohong  Sun (Kyushu University);  Hideaki  Hata (Nara Institute of Science and Technology);  Taiki  Todo (Kyushu University);  Makoto  Yokoo (Kyushu University);

Paper ID: 1520 - Determining Expert Research Areas with Multi-instance Learning of Hierarchical Multi-label Classification Model
Tao  Wu (Purdue University);  Qifan  Wang (Purdue University);  Zhiwei  Zhang (Purdue University);  Luo  Si (Purdue University)

Paper ID:1529 - Personalized Sentiment Classification Based on Latent Individuality of Microblog Users
Kaisong Song(Notheastern University, P. R. China); Shi Feng(Notheastern University, P. R. China); Wei Gao(Qatar Computing Research Institute); Daling Wang(Notheastern University, P. R. China); Ge Yu(Notheastern University, P. R. China); Kam-Fai Wong(The Chinese University of Hong Kong);

Paper ID: 1548 - On the boundary of (un)decidability: decidable model-checking for a fragment of Resource Agent Logic
Natasha  Alechina (Nottingham University);  Nils  Bulling (Delft University of Technology);  Brian  Logan (University of Nottngham);  Hoang Nga  Nguyen (University of Nottingham)

Paper ID: 1550 - Characterizing Causal Action Theories and Their Implementations in Answer Set Programming: Action Languages B, C and Beyond
Haodi  Zhang (HKUST);  Fangzhen  Lin (HKUST);

Paper ID: 1553 - Decomposition of the Factor Encoding for CSPs
Chavalit Likitvivatanavong (National University of Singapore) Wei  Xia (National University of Singapore);  Roland  Yap (National University of Singapore)

Paper ID: 1565 - A Simple Probabilistic Extension of Modal Mu-calculus
Wanwei  Liu (National University of Defense Technology);  Lei  Song (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia);  Ji  Wang (National University of Defense Technology);  Lijun  Zhang ;

Paper ID:1581 - On the Consistency of AUC Pairwise Optimization
Gao Wei(Nanjing Univeristy); Zhi-Hua Zhou(Nanjing University);

Paper ID: 1589 - The Power of Local Manipulation Strategies in Assignment Mechanisms
Timo  Mennle (University of Zurich);  Sven  Seuken (University of Zurich);  Michael  Weiss (University of Zurich);  Basil  Philipp (University of Zurich);

Paper ID: 1593 - A Unified Probabilistic Model of User Activities and Relations on Social Networking Sites
Yu  Xiaofeng (HP Labs China);  Junqing  Xie (HP Labs China))

Paper ID: 1595 - On Conceptual Labeling of a Bag of Words
Xiangyan  Sun (Fudan University);  Yanghua  Xiao (Fudan Univ.);  Haixun  Wang (Google Research);  Wei  Wang (Fudan University)

Paper ID:1600 - Scalable Maintenance of Knowledge Discovery in an Ontology Stream
Freddy Lecue(IBM Research - Ireland);

Paper ID: 1601 - An approach for Improving RDF Data with Formal Concept Analysis
Mehwish  Alam (INRIA, Nancy, France);  Aleksey  Buzmakov (INRIA, Nancy, France);  Victor   Codocedo (INRIA, Nancy, France);  Amedeo  Napoli (CNRS);

Paper ID: 1602 - Statistical Regimes and Runtime Prediction
Barry  Hurley (Insight Centre for Data Analytics);  Barry  O'Sullivan (University College Cork)

Paper ID: 1624 - Solving the Station Repacking Problem
Alexandre Fréchette (University of British Columbia), Neil  Newman (University of British Columbia);  Kevin  Leyton-Brown (University of British Columbia)

Paper ID: 1627 - Correcting Covariate Shift with the Frank-Wolfe Algorithm
Junfeng  Wen (University of Alberta);  Russell  Greiner (University of Alberta);  Dale  Schuurmans (University of Alberta);



Machine Learning Track

Paper ID: 13 - A Graph Kernel based on Jensen-Shannon Representation
Bai Lu (University of York, UK); Zhihong Zhang (Xiamen University); Chaoyan Wang (University of Nottingham, UK); Edwin Hancock (University of York, UK);

Paper ID: 15 - Reinforcement Learning from Demonstration through Shaping
Tim Brys (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Anna Harutyunyan (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Halit Bener Suay (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Sonia Chernova (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Matthew E. Taylor (Washington State University), Ann Nowé (Vrije Universiteit Brussel),

Paper ID: 23 - A New Simplex Sparse Learning Model to Measure Data Similarity for Clustering
Jin Huang (eBay Advertising); Feiping Nie (University of Texas, Arlington);

Paper ID: 35 - Collaborative Place Models
Berk Kapicioglu (Foursquare Labs); David S. Rosenberg (YP Mobile Labs, YP); Robert E. Schapire (Princeton University ); Tony Jebara (Columbia University);

Paper ID: 42 - Gaussian Processes for High-Dimensional Regression: A Method Based on Deep Neural Networks
Wenbing Huang(Ph.D. student); Deli Zhao; Fuchun Sun; Huaping Liu; Edward Chang;

Paper ID: 55 - MUVIR: Multi-View Rare Category Detection
Zhou Dawei (Arizona State University, USA); Jingrui He (Arizona State University, USA); K. Selçuk Candan (Asu); Hasan Davulcu ;

Paper ID: 56 - Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on Multichannel Time Series for Human Activity Recognition
Jian-Bo Yang (Duke University, USA); Minh Nhut Nguyen ; Phyo Phyo San ; Xiaoli Li (Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR); Priyadarsini Krishnaswamy Shonali ;

Paper ID: 61 - Intersecting Manifolds: Detection, Segmentation, and Labeling
Shay Deutsch (University of Southern California), Gerard Medioni (University of Southern California ),

Paper ID: 62 - Deep Linear Coding for Fast Graph Clustering
Ming Shao (Northeastern University), Sheng Li (Northeastern University), Zhengming Ding (Northeastern University), Yun Fu (Northeastern University),

Paper ID: 70 - Learning to Hash on Partial Multi-Modal Data
Qifan Wang (Purdue University), Luo Si , Bin Shen (Purdue University),

Paper ID: 78 - Multi-Task Model and Feature Joint Learning
Ya Li ; Xinmei Tian (USTC); Tongliang Liu (University of Technology, Sydney); Dacheng Tao (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia);

Paper ID: 79 - EntScene: Nonparametric Bayesian Temporal Segmentation of Videos aimed at Entity-driven Scene Detection
Adway Mitra (CSA Department, Indian Institute of Science); Chiranjib Bhattacharyya (Indian Institute of Science); Soma Biswas (Indian Institute of Science);

Paper ID: 80 - Dual-regularized Multi-view Outlier Detection
Handong Zhao (Northeastern University), Yun Fu (Northeastern University),

Paper ID: 82 - Weakly Supervised Matrix Factorization for Noisily Tagged Image Parsing
Yulei Niu (Renmin University of China); Zhiwu Lu (Renmin University, China); Ji-Rong Wen (Renmin University of China);

Paper ID: 88 - Image Feature Learning for Cold Start Problem in Display Advertising
Kaixiang Mo (HKUST), Bo Liu (HKUST), Lei Xiao , Yong Li ,

Paper ID: 105 - Introspective Forecasting
Loizos Michael (Open University of Cyprus),

Paper ID: 106 - Deep Low-Rank Coding for Transfer Learning
Zhengming Ding (Northeastern University), Ming Shao (Northeastern University), Yun Fu (Northeastern University),

Paper ID: 108 - Ice-Breaking: Mitigating Cold-Start Recommendation Problem by Rating Comparison
Jingwei Xu (Nanjing University); Yuan Yao (Nanjing University, China); Hanghang Tong (Arizona State University, USA); Xianping Tao (Nanjing University, China); Jian Lu (Nanjing University, China);

Paper ID: 109 - A Space Alignment Method for Cold-Start TV Show Recommendations
Shiyu Chang (UIUC, USA); Jiayu Zhou (Samsung Research America, USA); Pirooz Chubak ; Junling Hu ;

Paper ID: 111 - A Direct Boosting Approach for Semi-supervised Classification
Shaodan Zhai (Wright State), Tian Xia , Zhongliang Li , Shaojun Wang ,

Paper ID: 112 - Bayesian Active Learning for Posterior Estimation
Kirthevasan Kandasamy (Carnegie Mellon University); Jeff Schneider (Carnegie Mellon University); Barnabas Poczos (Carnegie Mellon University, USA);

Paper ID: 119 - Robust Subspace Segmentation by Simultaneously Learning Data Representations and Their Affinity Matrix
Xiaojie Guo (IIE, CAS);

Paper ID: 128 - Robust Kernel Dictionary Learning using A Whole Sequence Convergent Algorithm
Huaping Liu (Dept. of Computer, Tsinghua University);

Paper ID: 138 - Model Metric Co-learning for Time Series Classification
Huanhuan Chen (University of Science and Technology of China); Fengzhen Tang (University of Birmingham, UK); Peter Tino (University of Birmingham, UK); Anthony Cohn (University of Leeds); Xin Yao (University of Birmingham, UK);

Paper ID: 139 - Using A* for Inference in Probabilistic Classifier Chains
Deiner Mena (University of Oviedo at Gijón), Elena Montañes (University of Oviedo at Gijón), José R Quevedo (University of Oviedo at Gijón), Juan J del Coz (University of Oviedo at Gijón),

Paper ID: 142 - Multi-task Multi-view Clustering for Non-negative Data
Xianchao Zhang (Dalian University of Technology), Xiaotong Zhang (Dalian University of Technology), Han Liu (Dalian University of Technology),

Paper ID: 144 - Instance-wise Weighted Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Aggregating Partitions with Locally Reliable Clusters
Xiaodong Zheng (Fudan University), Shanfeng Zhu (Fudan University), Junning Gao (Fudan University), Hiroshi Mamitsuka (Kyoto University),

Paper ID: 145 - Random Feature Mapping with Signed Circulant Matrix Projection
Chang Feng (Tianjin University), Shizhong Liao (Tianjin University),

Paper ID: 147 - EigenGP: Gaussian process models with adaptive eigenfunctions
Hao Peng (Purdue University), Yuan Qi (Purdue University),

Paper ID: 154 - Quantized Correlation Hashing for Fast Cross-modal Search
Botong Wu (Sun Yat-sen University); Qiang Yang (Sun Yat-sen University); Wei-Shi Zheng (Sun Yat-Sen University); Yizhou Wang (EECS, Peking University); Jingdong Wang (Microsoft Research Asia, China);

Paper ID: 159 - Potential Based Reward Shaping for Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
Yang Gao (Imperial College London), Francesca Toni (Imperial College London),

Paper ID: 166 - Soft Predicate Invention with Structured Sparsity
William Yang Wang(CMU); Kathryn Mazaitis(Carnegie Mellon University); William W Cohen(Carnegie Mellon University);

Paper ID: 174 - Portable Option Discovery for Automated Learning Transfer in Object-Oriented Markov Decision Processes
Nicholay Topin(University of Maryland, Baltimore County); Nicholas Haltmeyer(University of Maryland, Baltimore County); Shawn Squire(University of Maryland, Baltimore County); John Winder(University of Maryland, Baltimore County); Marie desJardins(University of Maryland, Baltimore County); James MacGlashan(Brown University);

Paper ID: 186 - Compressed Spectral Regression for Efficient Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction
Deng Cai (Zhejiang Univ.),

Paper ID: 193 - Regularizing Flat Latent Variables with Hierarchical Topic Structures
Lin Rongcheng (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), Huayu Li (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), Xiaojun Quan (Institute for Infocomm Research), Yong Ge (University of North Carolina at Charlotte),

Paper ID: 199 - Robust Dictionary Learning with Capped L1 Norm
Wenhao Jiang (Department of Computer Science and Engineerin); Feiping Nie (University of Texas, Arlington); Heng Huang (University of Texas, Arlington);

Paper ID: 211 - Crowdsourced Semantic Matching of Multi-Label Annotations
Lei Duan (Hokkaido University); Satoshi Oyama (Hokkaido University, Japan); Masahito Kurihara ; Haruhiko Sato ;

Paper ID: 213 - Mobile Query Recommendation via Tensor Function Learning
Zhou Zhao (Zhejiang University); Ruihua Song ; Xing Xie (Microsoft Research); Xiaofei He (Zhejiang University, China);

Paper ID: 214 - Semi-Orthogonal Multilinear PCA with Relaxed Start
Qiquan Shi (Hong Kong Baptist University ); Haiping LU (Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong);

Paper ID: 216 - Graph Invariant Kernels
Francesco Orsini (KU Leuven), Paolo Frasconi (Universita\' degli Studi di Firenze), Luc De Raedt (KU Leuven),

Paper ID: 227 - Imaging Time-Series to Improve Classification and Imputation
Zhiguang Wang (University of Maryland), Tim Oates (University of Maryland Baltimore County),

Paper ID: 230 - Word Embedding Revisited: A New Representation Learning and Explicit Matrix Factorization Perspective
Yitan Li (University of Science and Technology of China, China); Linli Xu (University of Science and Technology of China); Fei Tian (University of Science and Technology of China); Liang Jiang (University of Science and Technology of China);

Paper ID: 239 - Identification of Time-Dependent Causal Model: A Gaussian Process Treatment
Biwei Huang (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems); Kun Zhang (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems); Bernhard Schölkopf (Max Planck Institute, Germany);

Paper ID: 246 - Self-Adaptive Hierarchical Sentence Model
Han Zhao (University of Waterloo); Zhengdong Lu (Huawei Noah's Ark Lab, Hong Kong, China); Pascal Poupart (University of Waterloo, Canada);

Paper ID: 248 - Mirror Representation for Modeling View-specific Transform in Person Re-identification
Yingcong Chen (Sun-Yat-Sen University), Wei-Shi Zheng (SUN YAT-SEN University), Jianhuang Lai (Sun-Yat-Sen University),

Paper ID: 249 - Speeding up Automatic Hyperparameter Optimization of Deep Neural Networks by Extrapolation of Learning Curves
Tobias Domhan (University of Freiburg), Tobias Springenberg (University of Freiburg), Frank Hutter (University of Freiburg),

Paper ID: 250 - Perception Evolution Network  Adapting to the Emergence of New Sensory Receptor
Youlu Xing (Nanjing University), Furao Shen (Nanjing University), Jinxi Zhao (Nanjing University),

Paper ID: 263 - Muti-label structure learning with Ising model selection
Andre R. Goncalves (University of Campinas); Fernando J. Von Zuben (University of Campinas); Arindam Banerjee (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities)

Paper ID: 275 - Learning Regular Languages via Alternating Automata
Dana Angluin (Yale University), Sarah Eisenstat (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Dana Fisman (University of Pennsylvania),

Paper ID: 277 - Ranking Preserving Hashing for Fast Similarity Search
Qifan Wang (Purdue University),

Paper ID: 279 - Feature Selection from Microarray Data via an Ordered Search with Projected Margin
Saulo Villela (Federal University of Juiz de Fora), Saul C Leite (Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora), Raul Fonseca Neto (Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora),

Paper ID: 284 - Convergence of Common Proximal Methods for L1 Regularized Least Squares
Shaozhe Tao (University of Minnesota, twin cities); Daniel Boley (Univ of Minn); Shuzhong Zhang (University of Minnesota, twin cities);

Paper ID: 291 - Density Corrected Sparse Recovery when R.I.P. Condition is Broken
Ming Lin (Carnege Mellon University), Zhengzhong Lan (Carnege Mellon University), Alexander G. Hauptmann (Carnege Mellon University),

Paper ID: 293 - A Geometric Theory of Feature Selection and Distance-Based Measures
Kilho Shin (University of Hyogo), Adrian Pino Angulo (University of Hyogo),

Paper ID: 299 - On the Runtime of Randomized Local Search and Simple Evolutionary Algorithms for Dynamic Makespan Scheduling
Frank Neumann (University of Adelaide, Australia); Carsten Witt (Technical University of Denmark);

Paper ID: 305 - Solving the Partial Label Learning Problem: An Instance-based Approach
Min-Ling Zhang (SouthEast University, China); Fei Yu (SouthEast University, China);

Paper ID: 306 - Towards Class-Imbalance Aware Multi-Label Learning
Min-Ling Zhang (SouthEast University, China); Yu-Kun Li (SouthEast University, China); Xu-Ying Liu (SouthEast University, China);

Paper ID: 311 - Matrix Factorization with Scale-Invariant Parameters
Guangxiang Zeng (University of Science and Technology of China); Hengshu Zhu (Baidu Research-Big Data Lab); Qi Liu (University of Science and Technology of China, China); Ping Luo (ICT, CAS); Enhong Chen (USTC); Tong Zhang ;

Paper ID: 313 - Supervised Representation Learning: Transfer Learning with Deep Autoencoders
Fuzhen Zhuang (ICT, CAS); Xiaohu Cheng (ICT, CAS); Ping Luo (ICT, CAS); Sinno Jialin Pan (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore); Qing He (ICT,CAS);

Paper ID: 315 - Semantic Topic Multimodal Hashing for Cross-media Retrieval
Di Wang (Xidian University); Xinbo Gao (Xidian University, China); Xiumei Wang (Xidian University); Lihuo He (Xidian Univ.);

Paper ID: 316 - Increasingly Cautious Optimism for Practical PAC-MDP Exploration
Liangpeng Zhang (University of Science and Technology of China); Ke Tang (University of Science and Technology of China); Xin Yao (University of Birmingham, UK);

Paper ID: 325 - Thompson Sampling for Budgeted Multi-armed Bandit
Yingce Xia(USTC); Haifang Li(University of Chinese Academy of Sciences); Tao Qin(Microsoft Research, China); Tie-Yan Liu(Microsoft Research, China);

Paper ID: 327 - Autonomous Cross-Domain Knowledge Transfer in Lifelong Policy Gradient Reinforcement Learning
Haitham Bou Ammar (University of Pennsylvania), Eric Eaton (University of Pennsylvania), Jose Marcio Luna (University of Pennsylvania), Paul Ruvolo ,

Paper ID: 335 - Data Sparseness in Linear SVM
Xiang Li (University of Western Ontario); Bin Gu ; Charles Ling (Western University, Canada); Huaimin Wang ;

Paper ID: 340 - Multi-task Multi-dimensional Hawkes Processes for Modeling Event Sequences
Dixin Luo (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Hongteng Xu (School of ECE); Yi Zhen (Georgia Tech); Xia Ning (Indiana University - Purdure University Indianapolis, USA); Hongyuan Zha ;

Paper ID: 344 - Adaptive dropout rates for learning with corrupted features
Jingwei Zhuo (Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R China); Jun Zhu (Tsinghua University, China); Bo Zhang ;

Paper ID: 350 - Multitask Coactive Learning
Robby Goetschalckx (Oregon State University), Alan Fern (Oregon State University), Prasad Tadepalli (Oregon State University),

Paper ID: 352 - Scalable Maximum Margin Matrix Factorization by Active Riemannian Subspace Search
Yan Yan (QCIS, UTS); Mingkui Tan (University of Adelaide, Australia); Ivor W Tsang (University of Technology, Sydney); Qinfeng Shi (University of Adelaide, Australia); Yi Yang (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia);

Paper ID: 354 - Robust Learning for Repeated Stochastic Games via Meta-Gaming
Jacob Crandall (Masdar Institute),

Paper ID: 355 - Robust Unsupervised Multiple Kernel Learning
Peng Zhou (Institute of Software, CAS); Liang Du (Institute of Software, CAS); Yi-Dong Shen (Institute of Software, CAS);

Paper ID: 361 - Data Compression for Learning MRF Parameters
Khaled Refaat (University of California, Los Angeles); Adnan Darwiche (University of California, Los Angeles);

Paper ID: 363 - Mixed Error Coding for Face Recognition with Mixed Occlusions
Ronghua Liang (Zhejiang University of Technology, China); Xiao-Xin Li (Zhejiang University of Technology, China);

Paper ID: 388 - Optimal Bayesian Hashing for Efficient Face Recognition
Qi Dai (fudan.edu.cn), Jianguo Li (Intel Corporation), Jun Wang (Alibaba Group), Yu-Gang Jiang , Yurong Chen ,

Paper ID: 390 - Maximum Entropy Semi-Supervised Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Julien Audiffren (CMLA, ENS Cachan); Michal Valko (INRIA, France); Alessandro Lazaric (INRIA, France); Mohammad Ghavamzadeh (Adobe Research, USA);

Paper ID: 394 - Count-Based Frequency Estimation with Bounded Memory
Marc Bellemare (Google, UK);

Paper ID: 401 - Training-Efficient Feature Map for Shift-Invariant Kernels
Xixian Chen ( The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Haiqin Yang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Irwin King (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Michael R. Lyu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong),

Paper ID: 402 - Direct Policy Iteration with Demonstrations
Jessica Chemali (Carnegie Mellon University); Alessandro Lazaric (INRIA, France);

Paper ID: 403 - Robust Clustering Ensemble
Peng Zhou (Institute of Software, CAS); Liang Du (Institute of Software, CAS); Yi-Dong Shen (Institute of Software, CAS);

Paper ID: 414 - Accelerated Inexact Soft-Impute for Fast Large-Scale Matrix Completion
yao quanming (HKUST), James Kwok (HKUST),

Paper ID: 418 - Unsupervised Condition Monitoring Using Segmental Hidden Markov Models
Chao Yuan (Siemens),

Paper ID: 427 - Polytree-Augmented Classifier Chains for Multi-Label Classification
Lu Sun (Hokkaido University, Japan); Mineichi Kudo (Hokkaido University, Japan);

Paper ID: 428 - Optimizing Locally Linear Classifiers with Supervised Anchor Point Learning
Xue Mao(NLPR, Institute of Automation, CAS); Zhouyu Fu(University of Western Sydney); Ou Wu(Institute of Automation, CAS); Weiming Hu(Institute of Automation, CAS);

Paper ID: 431 - Pre-release Prediction of Crowd Opinion on Movies
Xin Geng (SouthEast University), Peng Hou (Southeast University),

Paper ID: 434 - Bi-parameter Space Partition for Cost-Sensitive SVM
Bin Gu (Nanjing University of information and Science), Victor S Sheng (University of Central Arkansas),

Paper ID: 438 - Sketch the Storyline with CHARCOAL: a Non-parametric Approach
Siliang Tang (Zhejiang Unviersity), Wu Fei (College of Computer Science), Si Li (College of Computer Science), Zhongfei Zhang ,

Paper ID: 451 - Efficient Algorithm for Belief Propagation
Fujiwara Yasuhiro (NTT), Dennis Shasha (New York University),

Paper ID: 454 - An Expectation-Maximization Algorithm to Compute a Stochastic Factorization
Andre Barreto (LNCC); Rafael L Beirigo (National Laboratory for Scientific Computing); Joelle Pineau (McGill University, Canada); Doina Precup (McGill University, Canada);

Paper ID: 458 - Semi-supervised Multi-label Learning with Incomplete Labels
Feipeng Zhao (Temple University); Yuhong Guo (Temple University, USA);

Paper ID: 466 - Online Learning of k-CNF Boolean Functions
Joel Veness(DeepMind Technologies Ltd); Marcus Hutter(Australian National University, Australia); Laurent Orseau(Google, UK); Marc Bellemare(Google, UK);

Paper ID: 473 - Scalable Probabilistic Tensor Factorization for Binary and Count Data
Piyush Rai (Duke University); Changwei Hu (Duke University, USA); Lawrence Carin (Duke University, USA);

Paper ID: 475 - Discriminative Unsupervised Dimensionality Reduction
Xiaoqian Wang (The University of Texas at Arlington); Feiping Nie (University of Texas, Arlington); Heng Huang (University of Texas, Arlington);

Paper ID: 478 - Multi-label Classification with Feature-aware Non-linear Label Space Transformation
Xin Li(Temple University); Yuhong Guo(Temple University, USA);

Paper ID: 500 - Nonparametric Independence Testing for Small Sample Sizes
Aaditya Ramdas (Carnegie Mellon University), Leila Wehbe (Carnegie Mellon University),

Paper ID: 511 - Symbol Acquisition for Probabilistic High-Level Planning
George Konidaris (Duke University), Leslie Kaelbling (MIT), Tomas Lozano-Perez (MIT),

Paper ID: 512 - Multi-View Matrix Decomposition: A New Scheme for Exploring Discriminative Information
Cheng Deng (Xidian University); Zongting Lv (Xidian University); Wei Liu (IBM Research, USA); Junzhou Huang (University of Texas at Arlington); Dacheng Tao (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia); Xinbo Gao (Xidian University, China);

Paper ID: 514 - Equivalence Results between Feedforward and Recurrent Neural Networks for Sequences
Alessandro Sperduti (University of Padova),

Paper ID: 529 - Multi-Graph-View Learning for Complicated Object Classification
Jia Wu (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia); Shirui Pan (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia); Xingquan Zhu (Florida Atlantic University); Chenqqi Zhang (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia);

Paper ID: 541 - A Joint Optimization Framework of Sparse Coding and Discriminative Clustering
Zhangyang Wang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Yingzhen Yang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Shiyu Chang (UIUC, USA); Jinyan Li (University of Macau); Simon Fong ; Thomas Huang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);

Paper ID: 558 - Open Domain Short Text Conceptualization: A Generative + Descriptive Modeling Approach
Yangqiu Song (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Shusen Wang (Zhejiang University), Haixun Wang (Google Research),

Paper ID: 559 - Fast Cross-Validation for Incremental Learning
Pooria Joulani (Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta); Andras Gyorgy (University of Alberta, Canada); Csaba Szepesvari (University of Alberta, Canada);

Paper ID: 573 - Online Robust Low Rank Matrix Recovery
Xiaojie Guo (IIE, CAS);

Paper ID: 580 - Constrained Information-Theoretic Tripartite Graph Clustering to Identify Semantically Similar Relations
Chenguang Wang (Peking University), Yangqiu Song (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Dan Roth (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Chi Wang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Jiawei Han (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Heng Ji (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Ming Zhang (Peking University)

Paper ID: 604 - Between Imitation and Intention Learning
James MacGlashan (Brown University), Michael L Littman (Brown University),

Paper ID: 612 - Training-Time Optimization of a Budgeted Booster
Yi Huang (UIC), Brian Powers (UIC), Lev Reyzin (UIC),

Paper ID: 616 - Efficient Generalized Conditional Gradient with Gradient Sliding for Composite Optimization
Cheung Yiu-ming (Hong Kong Baptist University), Jian Lou (Hong Kong Baptist University),

Paper ID: 623 - Policy Shaping With Human Teachers
Thomas Cederborg (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA); Ishaan Grover (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA); Charles L Isbell Jr. (Georgia Institute of Technology); Andrea Thomaz (Georgia Institute of Technology);

Paper ID: 625 - Robust Multiple Kernel K-means
Liang Du (Institute of Software, CAS); Lei Shi (Institute of Software, CAS);

Paper ID: 639 - Multi-view Self-Paced Learning for Clustering
Chang Xu (Peking University); Dacheng Tao (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia); Chao Xu ;

Paper ID: 641 - Active Imitation Learning of Hierarchical Policies
Mandana Hamidi (School of EECS, Oregon State University); Prasad Tadepalli (Oregon State University); Robby Goetschalckx (Oregon State University); Alan Fern (Oregon State University);

Paper ID: 648 - An Efficient Classifier Based on Hierarchical Mixing Linear Support Vector Machines
Di Wang (Wenzhou University), Xiaoqin Zhang (Institute of Intelligent System and Decision), Mingyu Fan (Math department of Wenzhou University), Xiuzi Ye ,

Paper ID: 660 - Extended Discriminative Random Walk: A Hypergraph Approach to Multi-View Multi-Relational Transductive Learning
Sai Nageswar Satchidanand , Harini Ananthapadmanaban (Indian Institute of Technology Madras), Balaraman Ravindran (Indian Institute of Technology Madras),

Paper ID: 668 - Inverse Reinforcement Learning in Relational Domains
Thibaut Munzer (INRIA-FLOWERS); Bilal Piot (Université Lille 3, France); Matthieu Geist (Supélec, France); Olivier Pietquin (University Lille 1, France); Manuel Lopes (Inria);

 Paper ID: 692 - Learning efficient logical robot strategies involving composable objects
Stephen Muggleton(Imperial College London); Andrew Cropper(Imperial College);

Paper ID: 713 - Topic Modeling with Document Relative Similarities Paper subtitle.
Jianguang   Du(School of Computer Science, BIT);  Jing   Jiang ;  Dandan   Song (School of Computer Science and Technology);  Lejian   Liao





KR Track

Paper ID: 5 - Partial Grounded Fixpoints
Bart Bogaerts (KU Leuven); Joost Vennekens (KU Leuven); Marc Denecker (KU Leuven);

Paper ID: 7 - Modelling the Persuadee in Asymmetric Argumentation Dialogues for Persuasion
Anthony Hunter (University College London);

Paper ID: 18 - On the Undecidability of the Situation Calculus Extended with Description Logic Ontologies
Diego Calvanese (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano); Giuseppe De Giacomo (Sapienza Universita\' di Roma); Mikhail Soutchanski (Ryerson University);

Paper ID: 19 - A Logic for Reasoning about Justified Uncertain Beliefs
Tuan-Fang Fan (National Penghu Uni. of Science and Techology); Churn-Jung Liau (Academia Sinica);

Paper ID: 25 - Polynomial Rewritings for Linear Existential Rules
Georg Gottlob (University of Oxford); Marco Manna (University of Calabria); Andreas Pieris (Vienna University of Technology);

Paper ID: 29 - Efficiently Finding Conditional Instruments for Causal Inference
Benito van der Zander (University of Luebeck); Johannes Textor (Universiteit Utrecht); Maciej Liskiewicz (University of Luebeck);

Paper ID: 32 - Probabilistic Reasoning with Inconsistent Beliefs using Inconsistency Measures
Nico Potyka (FernUniversität Hagen); Matthias Thimm (University of Koblenz);

Paper ID: 35 - Trust-Sensitive Belief Revision
Aaron Hunter (British Columbia Institute of Technology); Richard Booth (Mahasarakham University);

Paper ID: 40 - The Complexity of Subsumption in Fuzzy EL
Stefan Borgwardt (Technische Universitat Dresden); Marco Cerami (Palacký University in Olomouc); Rafael Peñaloza (TU Dresden);

Paper ID: 41 - Temporal Query Answering in the Description Logic EL
Stefan Borgwardt (Technische Universität Dresden); Veronika Thost (Technische Universität Dresden);

Paper ID: 42 - Beyond SPARQL under OWL 2 QL Entailment Regime: Rules to the Rescue
Georg Gottlob(University of Oxford); Andreas Pieris(Vienna University of Technology);

Paper ID: 44 - MergeXplain: Fast Computation of Multiple Conflicts for Diagnosis
Kostyantyn Shchekotykhin (Alpen-Adria-University); Dietmar Jannach (TU Dortmund); Thomas Schmitz (TU Dortmund);

Paper ID: 49 - Combining Rewriting and Incremental Materialisation Maintenance for Datalog Programs with Equality
Boris Motik (University of Oxford); Yavor Nenov (University of Oxford); Robert E. F. Piro (University of Oxford, UK); Ian Horrocks (University of Oxford, UK);

Paper ID: 50 - Qualitative Reasoning about Directions in Semantic Spaces
Steven Schockaert (Cardiff University); Jae Hee Lee (Australian National University);

Paper ID: 66 - Modular Systems with Preferences
Alireza Ensan (Simon Fraser University (SFU)); Eugenia Ternovska (Simon Fraser University (SFU));

Paper ID: 68 - Complexity Results in Epistemic Planning
Bolander Thomas (DTU Compute); Martin Jensen (Technical University of Denmark); François Schwarzentruber (ENS Rennes);

Paper ID: 69 - Epistemic Quantified Boolean Logic: Expressiveness and Completeness Results
Francesco Belardinelli (Université d'Evry); Wiebe van der Hoek (University of Liverpool);

Paper ID: 72 - Lightweight Temporal Description Logics with Rigid Roles and Restricted TBoxes
Víctor Gutiérrez-Basulto (University of Bremen); Jean Christoph Jung (University of Bremen); Thomas Schneider (University of Bremen);

Paper ID: 81 - An algebra of granular temporal relations
Quentin Cohen-Solal (GREYC - CNRS); Maroua Bouzid (University of Caen); Alexandre Niveau (University of Caen);

Paper ID: 82 - Controlled Query Evaluation for Datalog and OWL 2 Profile Ontologies
Bernardo C Cuenca Grau (University of Oxford); Evgeny Kharlamov (University of Oxford); Egor V. Kostylev (University of Oxford); Dmitriy Zheleznyakov (University of Oxford, UK);

Paper ID: 85 - Dealing with Generic Contrariness in Structured Argumentation
Pietro Baroni (University of Brescia); Massimiliano Giacomin (Universita' di Brescia); Beishui Liao (Zhejiang University);

Paper ID: 88 - Schema.org as a Description Logic
Andre Hernich (University of Liverpool); Carsten Lutz (University of Bremen); Ana Ozaki (University of Liverpool); Frank Wolter (University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK);

Paper ID: 89 - Ontology-Mediated Queries with Closed Predicates
Carsten Lutz (University of Bremen); Inanc Seylan (University of Bremen); Frank Wolter (University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK);

Paper ID: 96 - Computing Horn Rewritings of Description Logics Ontologies
Mark Kaminski (University of Oxford); Bernardo C Cuenca Grau (University of Oxford);

Paper ID: 98 - Efficient Query Rewriting in the Description Logic EL and Beyond
Peter Hansen (University of Bremen); Carsten Lutz (University of Bremen); Inanc Seylan (University of Bremen); Frank Wolter (University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK);

Paper ID: 99 - On the Parameterized Complexity of Belief Revision
Andreas Pfandler (Vienna University of Technology); Stefan Rümmele (Vienna University of Technology); Johannes Wallner (TU Vienna); Stefan Woltran (TU Vienna);

Paper ID: 101 - Combining Existential Rules and Description Logics
Antoine Amarilli(Telecom ParisTech); Michael Benedikt(Oxford University);

Paper ID: 106 - Query Rewriting for Existential Rules with Compiled Preorder
Mélanie König (University of Montpellier); Michel Leclère (Université of Montpellier); Marie-Laure Mugnier (Université de Montpellier);

Paper ID: 107 - Extension Enforcement in Abstract Argumentation as an Optimization Problem
Sylvie Coste-Marquis (CRIL, U. Artois - CNRS); Sebastien Konieczny (CRIL - CNRS); Jean-Guy Mailly (CRIL, U. Artois - CNRS); Pierre Marquis (CRIL-CNRS/Université d'Artois, France);

Paper ID: 108 - Answer Update for Rule-based Stream Reasoning
Harald Beck (TU Vienna); Minh Dao-Tran (TU Vienna); Thomas Eiter (TU Wien, Vienna, Austria);

Paper ID: 114 - Efficiently Characterizing Non-Redundant Constraints in Large Real World Qualitative Spatial Networks
Michael Sioutis (CRIL-CNRS/Université d'Artois, France); Sanjiang Li (University of Technology, Sydney); Jean-Francois Condotta (CRIL, U. Artois - CNRS);

Paper ID: 123 - Efficient Paraconsistent Reasoning with Ontologies and Rules
Tobias Kaminski (Universidade Nova de Lisboa); Matthias Knorr (NOVA LINCS, Universidade Nova de Lisboa); Joao Leite (Universidade Nova de Lisboa);

Paper ID: 126 - Multilateral Negotiation in Boolean Games with Incomplete Information using Generalized Possibilistic Logic
Sofie De Clercq (Ghent University); Steven Schockaert (Cardiff University); Martine De Cock (Center for Data Science); Ann Nowé (Free University of Brussels);

Paper ID: 128 - Combining Existential Rules and Transitivity: Next Steps
Jean-François Baget (INRIA); Meghyn Bienvenu (CNRS); Marie-Laure Mugnier (Université de Montpellier); Swan Rocher (University of Montpellier);

Paper ID: 129 - ALLEGRO: Belief-based Programming in Stochastic Dynamical Domains
Vaishak Belle(KU Leuven); Hector Levesque(University of Toronto);

Paper ID: 132 - The Combined Approach to Query Answering Beyond the OWL 2 Profiles
Cristina Feier (Department of Computer Science); David Carral (Wright State University); Giorgio Stefanoni (University of Oxford); Bernardo C Cuenca Grau (University of Oxford); Ian Horrocks (University of Oxford, UK);

Paper ID: 133 - First-Order Rewritability of Ontology-Mediated Temporal Queries
Alessandro Artale (Free University Bozen-Bolzano); Roman Kontchakov (Birkbeck, University of London); Alisa Kovtunova (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano); Vladislav Ryzhikov (Free University of Bozen - Bolzano); Frank Wolter (University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK); Michael Zakharyaschev (Birkbeck, University of London);

Paper ID: 134 - An Extension-Based Approach to Belief Revision in Abstract Argumentation
Martin Diller (Vienna University of Technology); Adrian Haret (Vienna University of Technology); Thomas Linsbichler (Vienna University of Technology); Stefan Rümmele (Vienna University of Technology); Stefan Woltran (TU Vienna);

Paper ID: 135 - AGM Meets Abstract Argumentation: Expansion and Revision for Dung Frameworks
Ringo Baumann (University of Leipzig); Gerhard Brewka (University of Leipzig);

Paper ID: 136 - The cube of opposition - A structure underlying many knowledge representation formalisms
Didier Dubois (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse); Henri Prade (IRIT - CNRS); Agnès Rico (Univ. Lyon 1);

Paper ID: 146 - Characterizability in Belief Revision
Jon Yaggie (University of Illinois at Chicago); Gyorgy Turan (University of Illinois at Chicago);

Paper ID: 154 - Computation and Complexity of Preference Inference Based on Hierarchical Models
Nic Wilson (University College Cork); Anne-Marie George (University College Cork); Barry O\'Sullivan (University College Cork);

Paper ID: 157 - Only Knowing Meets Common Knowledge
Vaishak Belle (KU Leuven); Gerhard Lakemeyer (RWTH Aachen University);

Paper ID: 159 - Merging in the Horn fragment
Adrian Haret (Vienna University of Technology); Stefan Rümmele (Vienna University of Technology); Stefan Woltran (TU Vienna);

Paper ID: 166 - Probabilistic belief contraction using argumentation
kinzang chhogyal (Griffith University); Abhaya Nayak (Macquarie University); Zhiqiang Zhuang (Griffith University); Abdul Sattar (Griffith University);

Paper ID: 173 - On Knowledge Forgetting in Answer Set Programming
Jianmin Ji (University of Science and Technology of China); Yisong Wang (Guizhou University);

Paper ID: 182 - First-Order Disjunctive Logic Programming vs Normal Logic Programming
Yi Zhou(Artificial Intelligence Research Group);

Paper ID: 183 - Epistemic equilibrium logic
Luis Fariñas del Cerro (University of Toulouse and CNRS); Andreas Herzig (University of Toulouse and CNRS); Ezgi Iraz Su (University of Toulouse);

Paper ID: 184 - On the Progression of Knowledge and Belief for Nondeterministic Actions in the Situation Calculus
Liangda Fang (Sun Yat-sen University); Yongmei Liu (Sun Yat-sen University); Ximing Wen ( Guangdong Institute of Public Administration);

Paper ID: 186 - Group Decision Making via Weighted Propositional Logic: Complexity and Islands of Tractability
Gianluigi Greco (University of Calabria, Italy); Jérôme LANG (lamsade - cnrs);

Paper ID: 189 - Probabilistic Inference in Hybrid Domains by Weighted Model Integration
Vaishak Belle (KU Leuven); Andrea Passerini (DISI, University of Trento); Guy Van den Broeck (KU Leuven);

Paper ID: 190 - Verification of Knowledge-Based Programs over Description Logic Actions
Benjamin Zarrieβ (Technische Universität Dresden); Jens Claβen (RWTH Aachen University);

Paper ID: 191 - Efficient Semantic Features for Automated Reasoning over Large Theories
Cezary Kaliszyk (University of Innsbruck); Josef Urban (Radboud University Nijmegen); Jiri Vyskocil (Czech Technical University);

Paper ID: 196 - Characterization of the Expressivity of Existential Rule Queries
Sebastian Rudolph (TU Dresden); Michaël Thomazo (TU Dresden);

Paper ID: 197 - Automatic Verification of Partial Correctness of Golog Programs
Naiqi Li (Sun Yat-sen University); Yongmei Liu (Sun Yat-sen University);

Paper ID: 204 - Combining Existential Rules with the Power of CP-Theories
Tommaso Di Noia (Politecnico di Bari); Thomas Lukasiewicz (University of Oxford); Maria Vanina Martinez (Univ. Nacional del Sur and CONICET, Argentina); Gerardo I Simari (Univ. Nacional del Sur and CONICET, Argentina); Oana Tifrea-Marciuska (University of Oxford);

Paper ID: 206 - Realizability of Three-Valued Semantics for Abstract Dialectical Frameworks
Joerg Puehrer (Leipzig University);

Paper ID: 208 - Fixed-parameter Tractable Reductions to SAT for Planning
Ronald de Haan (Vienna University of Technology); Martin Kronegger (Vienna University of Technology); Andreas Pfandler (Vienna University of Technology);

Paper ID: 211 - On the Computational Complexity of Naive-based Semantics for Abstract Dialectical Frameworks
Sarah Gaggl (TU Dresden); Sebastian Rudolph (TU Dresden); Hannes Strass (Leipzig University);

Paper ID: 219 - Query Understanding through Knowledge-Based Conceptualization
Zhongyuan Wang (Renmin University of China); Kejun Zhao (Renmin University of China); Haixun Wang (Google Research); Xiaofeng Meng (Renmin University of China); Ji-Rong Wen (Renmin University of China);

Paper ID: 223 - Simplifying a Logic Program Using Its Consequences
Jianmin Ji (University of Science and Technology of China); Hai Wan (School of Software, Sun Yat-sen University); Ziwei Huo (Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China); Zhenfeng Yuan (Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China);

Paper ID: 224 - Computing social behaviours using agent models
Paolo Felli (The University of Melbourne); Tim Miller (The University of Melbourne); Christian Muise (The University of Melbourne); Adrian R Pearce (University of Melbourne, Australia); Liz Sonenberg (The University of Melbourne);

Paper ID: 226 - A MaxSAT Algorithm Using Cardinality Constraints of Bounded Size
Mario Alviano (University of Calabria); Carmine Dodaro (University of Calabria); Francesco Ricca (University of Calabria);

Paper ID: 227 - Multi-Agent Only Knowing on Planet Kripke
Guillaume Aucher (University of Rennes 1 - INRIA); Vaishak Belle (KU Leuven);

Paper ID: 229 - A Complete Epistemic Planner without Epistemic Closed World Assumption
Rui Yang (Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China); Hai Wan (School of Software, Sun Yat-sen University); Liangda Fang (Sun Yat-sen University); Yongmei Liu (Sun Yat-sen University); Huada Xu (Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China);

Paper ID: 232 - Membership Constraints in Formal Concept Analysis
Sebastian Rudolph (TU Dresden); Christian Sacarea (Universitatea Babes Bolyai); Diana Troanca (Universitatea Babes Bolyai);

Paper ID: 238 - On the entailment problem for a logic of typicality
Richard Booth (Mahasarakham University); Giovani Casini (CSIR Meraka and University of Pretoria); Thomas Meyer (CSIR Meraka); Ivan J Varzinczak (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro);

Paper ID: 246 - AGM Revision of Beliefs about Action and Time
Marc Zee (University of Luxembourg); Mehdi Dastani ; Dragan Doder (University of Luxembourg); Leendert van der Torre (University of Luxembourg);

Paper ID: 253 - Stable Model Semantics of Abstract Dialectical Frameworks Revisited: A Logic Programming Perspective
Mario Alviano (University of Calabria); Wolfgang Faber (University of Huddersfield);

Paper ID: 256 - Bidirectional Constraints for Exchanging Data: Beyond Monotone Queries
Marcelo Arenas (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile); Gabriel Diéguez (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile); Jorge Pérez (Universidad de Chile);

Paper ID: 260 - Verification of Generalized Inconsistency-Aware Knowledge and Action Bases
Diego Calvanese (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano); Marco Montali (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano); Ario Santoso (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano);

Paper ID: 261 - Tractable Learning for Structured Probability Spaces: A Case Study in Learning Preference Distributions
Arthur Choi (UCLA); Guy Van den Broeck (KU Leuven); Adnan Darwiche (University of California, Los Angels, USA);

Paper ID: 285 - Belief Revision and Progression of Knowledge Bases in the Epistemic Situation Calculus
Christoph Schwering (RWTH Aachen University); Gerhard Lakemeyer (RWTH Aachen University); Maurice Pagnucco (The University of New South Wales);

Paper ID: 287 - Execution Monitoring as Meta-Games for General Game-Playing Robots
Rajaratnam David (UNSW Sydney); Michael Thielscher (UNSW);

Paper ID: 290 - Did you know?: Mining Interesting Trivia for Entities from Wikipedia
Abhay Prakash (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee); Manoj Kumar Chinnakotla (Microsoft, India); Dhaval Patel (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee); Puneet Garg (Microsoft, India);

Paper ID: 292 - A Top-Down Compiler for Sentential Decision Diagram
Umut Oztok (UCLA); Adnan Darwiche (University of California, Los Angels, USA);

Paper ID: 297 - Reasonable Highly Expressive Query Languages
Pierre Bourhis (LIFL, INRIA Lille); Markus Krötzsch (TU Dresden); Sebastian Rudolph (TU Dresden);

Paper ID: 308 - Logic Program Termination Analysis Using Rule Sizes
Marco Calautti (University of Calabria); Sergio Greco (University of Calabria); Cristian Molinaro (University of Calabria, Italy); Irina Trubitsyna ( University of Calabria);

Paper ID: 320 - Compatible-based conditioning in interval-based possibilistic logic
Salem Benferhat (CRIL CNRS UMR 8188); Amélie Levray (CRIL CNRS UMR 8188); Karim Tabia (CRIL UMR CNRS 8188); Vladik Kreinovich (University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso);

Paper ID: 322 - Policies that Generalize: Solving Many Planning Problems with the Same Controller
Bonet Blai (Universidad Simon Bolivar); Hector Geffner (ICREA & Universitat Pompeu Fabra);

Paper ID: 323 - Towards Fully Observable Non-deterministic Planning as Assumption-based Reactive Synthesis
Nicolas D\\\'Ippolito (Universidad de Buenos Aires); Sebastian Sardina (RMIT University);

Paper ID: 325 - A Modification of the Halpern-Pearl Definition of Causality
Joseph Halpern (Cornell University);

Paper ID: 326 - On the Aggregation of Argumentation Frameworks
Jérôme Delobelle (CRIL, CNRS - Université d'Artois); Sébastien Konieczny (CRIL - CNRS); Srdjan Vesic (CRIL, CNRS - Univ. Artois);




AI & Arts Track


Paper ID: 4 - Generating 1/f noise sequences as constraint satisfaction: the Voss constraint
François Pachet (Sony CSL Paris), Pierre Roy (Sony CSL Paris), Alexandre Papadopoulos (Lip6, Paris) and Jason Sakellariou (Lip6, Paris)

Paper ID: 10 - Stroke-Based Stylization Learning and Rendering with Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Ning  Xie(Tongji University, China);  Tingting  Zhao;  Feng  Tian;  Xiaohua  Zhang;  Masashi  Sugiyama;

Paper ID: 15 - Looking at Mondrian's Victory Boogie-Woogie: What do I feel?
Andreza  Sartori(University of Trento - DISI);  Yan  Yan(University of Trento);  Gözde  Özbal(FBK-irst);  Alkim Almila   Akdag Salah(KNAW);  Albert Ali  SALAH(Bogazici University);  Nicu  Sebe(University of Trento)

Paper ID: 17 - Aesthetic Visual Quality Evaluation of Chinese Handwritings
Rongju Sun(Peking University); Zhouhui Lian(Peking University); Yingmin Tang; Jianguo Xiao(Peking Univ.);

Paper ID: 20 - Computational invention of cadences and chord progressions by conceptual chord-blending
Manfred  Eppe(IIIA-CSIC, Spain);  Roberto  Confalonieri(IIIA-CSIC);  Ewen  Maclean(University of Edinburgh);  Maximos  Kaliakatsos(Aristotle University of Thessaloniki);  Emilios  Cambouropoulos(Aristotle University of Thessaloniki);  Mihai  Codescu(University of Magdeburg);  Marco  Schorlemmer(IIIA-CSIC);  Kai-Uwe  Kuehnberger(Institute of Cognitive Science);

Paper ID: 25 - Generating all Possible Palindromes from N-gram Corpora
Alexandre  Papadopoulos(UPMC Univ Paris 06, LIP6, UMR 7606);  Pierre  Roy;  Jean-Charles  Régin;  Francois  Pachet(Sony CSL Paris);

Paper ID: 28 - Heroic vs Collaborative AI for the Arts
Mark  d'Inverno(Goldsmiths, University of London);  Jon  McCormack(Monash University); 

Paper ID: 33 - Kinetic imaginations: Exploring the possibilities of combining AI and dance
Alexander  Berman(Unaffiliated);  Valencia  James

Paper ID: 36 - Pseudo-supervised training improves unsupervised melody segmentation
Stefan  Lattner(Austrian Research Institute for AI);  Maarten  Grachten(OFAI Vienna);  Carlos E. Cancino Chacón(OFAI)

Paper ID: 37 - Artificial Intelligence in the Concertgebouw
Andreas  Arzt(Johannes Kepler University);  Harald  Frostel(Johannes Kepler University);  Thassilo  Gadermaier(Austrian Research Institute for AI);  Martin M Gasser(Austrian Research Institute for AI);  Gerhard  Widmer(Johannes Kepler University);  Maarten  Grachten(OFAI Vienna)

Paper ID: 40 - Narrative Hermeneutic Circle: Improving Character Role Identification from Natural Language Text via Feedback Loops
Josep Valls-Vargas(Drexel University); Jichen Zhu(Drexel University); Santiago Ontanon(Drexel University);

Paper ID: 43 - Evolving Ambiguous Images
Adriano Vinhas(CISUC); Jo?o Correia(CISUC); Penousal Machado(University of Coimbra); Aniko Ekart(Aston University);

Paper ID: 44 - Slogans are not forever: Adapting Linguistic Expressions to the News
Lorenzo  Gatti(FBK-irst);  Gözde  Özbal(FBK-irst);  Marco  Guerini(Trento-RISE);  Oliviero  Stock(Fondazione Bruno Kessler);  Carlo  Strapparava(FBK-irst)

Paper ID: 45 - Swarm-based Visualisation of Consumption Patterns
Catarina Ma??s(CISUC, University of Coimbra); Penousal Machado(University of Coimbra);

Paper ID: 52 - Learning to Rap Battle with Bilingual Recursive Neural Networks
Dekai Wu(HKUST); Karteek Addanki(Hong Kong University of Science & Technology);

Paper ID: 53 - Haiku Generator That Reads Blogs and Illustrates Them with Sounds and Images
Rafal Rzepka(Hokkaido University); Kenji Araki(Hokkaido University);



CompSust Track

Paper ID: 5 - Online Fair Division: analysing a Food Bank problem
Martin Aleksandrov (UNSW and NICTA); Haris Aziz (NICTA and UNSW); Serge Gaspers (UNSW and NICTA); Walsh Toby (NICTA and UNSW);

Paper ID: 7 - When Security Games Go Green: Designing Defender Strategies to Prevent Poaching and Illegal Fishing
Fei Fang (University of Southern California); Peter Stone (The University of Texas at Austin); Milind Tambe (University of Southern California);

Paper ID: 8 - α-min: a compact approximate solver for finite-horizon POMDPs
Yann  Dujardin(CSIRO);  Thomas  Dietterich(Oregon State University);  Iadine  Chades(CSIRO);

Paper ID: 9 - A Fast Combinatorial Algorithm for Optimizing the Spread of Cascades
Xiaojian Wu (University of Massachusetts Amherst); Dan Sheldon (UMASS); Shlomo Zilberstein (University of Massachusetts Amherst);

Paper ID: 11 - Aggregate Demand-Based Real-Time Pricing Mechanism for the Smart Grid: A Game-Theoretic Analysis
Sambaran Bandyopadhyay (IBM Research); Ramasuri Narayanam (IBM Research, India); Ramachandra Kota (IBM Research, India); Pg Dr Mohammad Iskandarbin Pg Hj Petra (Universiti Brunei Darussalam); Zainul M Charbiwala ;

Paper ID: 13 - A Personalised Thermal Comfort Model using a Bayesian Network
Frederik Auffenberg (University of Southampton); Sebastian Stein (University of Southampton); Alex Rogers (University of Southamption);

Paper ID: 15 - Online Mechanisms for Charging Electric Vehicles in Settings with Varying Marginal Electricity Costs
Keiichiro Hayakawa (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.); Enrico H Gerding (University of Southampton); Sebastian Stein (University of Southampton); Takahiro Shiga (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.);

Paper ID: 18 - Batch Reinforcement Learning for Smart Home Energy Management
Heider Berlink (Universidade de Sao Paulo); Anna Costa (Universidade de Sao Paulo);

Paper ID: 33 - Clustering Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Patterns in The Presence of Noise and Missing Data
Xi Chen (University of Minnesota); Faghmous James (University of MN); Ankush Khandelwal ; Vipin Kumar (University of Minnesota);

Paper ID: 34 - Multiple Instance Learning-based Birdsong Classification using Unsupervised Recording Segmentation
Jose F. Ruiz-Munoz (Universidad Nacional de Colombia); Mauricio Orozco-Alzate (Universidad Nacional de Colombia); G. Castellanos-Dominguez (Universidad Nacional de Colombia);

Paper ID: 36 - A Crowdfunding Model for Green Energy Investment
Ronghuo Zheng (Carnegie Mellon University); Ying Xu (Carnegie Mellon University); Nilanjan Chakraborty (Stony Brook University); Katia Sycara (Carnegie Mellon University);

Paper ID: 40 - Optimal Electric Vehicle Charging Station Placement
Yanhai Xiong (Nanyang Technological University); Jiarui Gan (Institute of Computing Technology CAS); Bo An (Nanyang Technological University); Chunyan Miao (Nanyang Technological University); Ana L. C. Bazzan Mail (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul);

Paper ID: 44 - Reasoning about Connectivity Constraints
Christian Bessiere (CNRS); Emmanuel Hebrard (CNRS); George Katsirelos (MIAT, INRA); Walsh Toby (NICTA and UNSW);

Paper ID: 54 - Abstract Routing Models and Abstractions in the Context of Vehicle Routing
René Schönfelder (University of Lübeck); Martin Leuker (University of Luebeck);

Paper ID: 56 - Secure Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks via POMDPs
Athirai A. Irissappane (Nanyang Technological University); Jie Zhang (Nanyang Technological University); Frans Oliehoek ; Partha S Dutta (Rolls-Royce);

Paper ID: 84 - Approximately Stable Pricing for Coordinated Purchasing of Electricity
Andrew Perrault (Dept. of CS, University of Toronto); Craig Boutilier (University of Toronto);

Paper ID: 87 - Copula Graphical Models for Wind Resource Estimation
Kalyan Veeramachaneni (CSAIL, MIT); Alfredo Cuesta-Infante (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos); Una-May O'Reilly (MIT);

Paper ID: 92 - On the Balance of Meter Deployment Cost and NILM Accuracy
Xiaohong Hao (Tsinghua University); Bangsheng Tang (Hulu LLC); Yongcai Wang ;

Paper ID: 100 - Modeling Multi-Attribute Demand for Sustainable Cloud Computing With Copulae
Maryam Ghasemi (Boston University); Benjamin Lubin (Boston University);

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