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    Buenos Aires - National Congress

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    Buenos Aires - Roque Saenz Peña Avenue (aka Diagonal Norte)

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    Puerto Madero

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    The Obelisk, the most popular symbol of Buenos Aires

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IJCAI-15 will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from July 25th to July 31st, 2015. We look forward to seeing you there.

Prof. Michael Wooldridge, Professor at the University of Oxford, UK is the IJCAI-15 Conference Chair.

Prof. Qiang Yang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong is the IJCAI-15 Program Chair.

Doctoral Consortium - Accepted Papers

Paper ID: 1 - Inference and Learning for Probabilistic Description Logics
Riccardo Zese (University of Ferrara)

Paper ID: 3 - Stochastic Density Ratio Estimation and its Application to Feature Selection
Igor Braga (University of Sao Paulo)

Paper ID: 5 - Automated Agents for Advice Provision
Ariel Rosenfeld    (Bar-Ilan University)

Paper ID: 7 - Exploiting Trust Information to Cope with Malicious Entities in Multi-Agent Systems
Athirai A. Irissappane (Nanyang Technological University)

Paper ID: 11 - Feature Selection for Multi-label Learning   
Newton Spolaôr (Universidade de São Paulo)

Paper ID: 12 - Learning efficient logic programs
Andrew Cropper (Imperial College London)

Paper ID: 27 - Advances in Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing
Aaditya Ramdas (Carnegie Mellon University)

Paper ID: 30 - Automatic Extraction of References to Future Events from News Articles Using Semantic and Morphological Information
Yoko Nakajima (Kitami Institute of Technology), Fumito Masui (Kitami Institute of Technology), Hiroshi Yamada (Kitami Institute of Technology), Michal Ptaszynski (Kitami Institute of Technology) and Hirotoshi Honma (Kitami Institute of Technology)

Paper ID: 32 - Efficient Methods for Multi-Objective Decision-Theoretic Planning
Diederik Roijers (University of Amsterdam)

Paper ID: 33 - Encoding and Combining Knowledge to Speed up Reinforcement Learning

Paper ID: 42 - Statistical Relational Learning Towards Modelling Social Media Users
Golnoosh Farnadi (Ghent University & Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

Paper ID: 44 - Quantifying and Improving Robustness of Trust Systems
Dongxia Wang (Nanyang Technological University

Paper ID: 45 - Normative Practical Reasoning: An Argumentation-Based Approach
Zohreh Shams (University of Bath)

Paper ID: 46 - Graph construction for semi-supervised learning    
Lilian    Berton (University of Sao Paulo) and Alneu Andrade Lopes (University of Sao Paulo)

Paper ID: 51 - Models for Conditional Preferences as extensions of CP-nets
Cristina Cornelio (University of Padova)

Paper ID: 59 - Diagnosis of Technical Systems
Roxane Koitz (Graz University of Technology)

Paper ID: 62 - Abstract Argumentation Frameworks - From Theoretical Insights to Practical Implications
Thomas Linsbichler (Vienna University of Technology)

Paper ID: 64 - A cognitively inspired approach for knowledge representation and reasoning in knowledge-based systems
Joel Luis Carbonera (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul) and Mara Abel (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul)

Paper ID: 68 - Approximate Algorithms for Stochastic Network Design
Xiaojian Wu (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Paper ID: 69 - On the static analysis for SPARQL Queries using Modal Logic
Nicola Guido (INRIA)

Paper ID: 70 - Expressive Rule-based Stream Reasoning
Harald Beck (Vienna University of Technology)

Paper ID: 71 - Linguistic evidence and ontological analysis for Description Logic knowledge base debugging
Julien Corman (IRIT Toulouse)

Paper ID: 77 - Towards More Practical Reinforcement Learning
Travis Mandel (University of Washington), Emma Brunskill (Carnegie Mellon University) and Zoran Popovic (University of Washington)

Paper ID: 80 - Online Fair Division
Martin Aleksandrov (NICTA), Serge Gaspers (NICTA) and Toby Walsh (NICTA)

Paper ID: 84 - Information extraction of texts in the biomedical domain
Viviana Cotik (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

Paper ID: 86 - Unleashing the Power of Multi-agent Voting Teams    
Leandro Soriano Marcolino (University of Southern California) and Milind Tambe (University of Southern California)

Paper ID: 93 - A distributed platform to ease the development of recommendation algorithms on large-scale graphs
Alejandro Corbellini (ISISTAN)

Paper ID: 98 - Bipartite Graph for Topic Extraction
Thiago De Paulo Faleiros (Instituto Federal de Goiás) and Alneu de Andrade Lopes (University of São Paulo)

Paper ID: 106 - Rational Architecture = Architecture from a Recommender Perspective
Marc van Zee (University of Luxembourg)

Paper ID: 108 - RoTuEl: A semi-automated method for labeling political tweets
Wilton de Paula Filho (Institute of Triângulo Mineiro,) and Ana C. B. Garcia (Federal Fluminense University)

Paper ID: 109 - An Intelligent and Unified Framework for Multiple Robot and Human Coalition Formation
Sayan Sen (Vanderbilt University)

Paper ID: 113 - Improvements for Symmetry Breaking During Search
Zichen Zhu (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Paper ID: 116 - Dynamic Execution of Temporal Plans with Sensing Actions and Bounded Risk
Pedro Santana (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Brian Williams (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Paper ID: 118 - Distribution of UCT and its Ramifications
Marc Chee (University of New South Wales)

Paper ID: 123 - Flexible Scheduling for an Agile Earth-Observing Satellite
Adrien Maillard (ONERA) and Cédric Pralet (ONERA)

Paper ID: 125 - Artificial Prediction Markets for Online Prediction
Fatemeh Jahedpari (University of Bath)

Paper ID: 127 - The spatio-temporal representation of natural reading
Leila Wehbe (Carnegie Mellon University)

Paper ID: 131 - Multi-Robot Exploration with Communication Restrictions
Elizabeth Jensen (University of Minnesota)

Paper ID: 132 - Using Small Humanoid Robots to Detect Autism in Toddlers
Marie Manner (University of Minnesota)



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