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IJCAI-15 will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from July 25th to July 31st, 2015. We look forward to seeing you there.

Prof. Michael Wooldridge, Professor at the University of Oxford, UK is the IJCAI-15 Conference Chair.

Prof. Qiang Yang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong is the IJCAI-15 Program Chair.

IJCAI-15 Video Competition



We are pleased to present the third call for videos to the upcoming IJCAI 2015 Video Competition. Notice this new extends the deadline to submit videos for the competition. In the spirit of earlier AI Video Competitions, the intention is to provide researchers with a forum for demonstrating how exciting and interesting Artificial Intelligence can be. The results of the competition will be presented at the IJCAI 2015 conference (July 25-31, 2015, in Buenos Aires, Argentina), where the best videos will be revealed. All videos will also be made available online. Key dates are as follows:

  • Submission of videos: May 17, 2015 (****EXTENDED DEADLINE****)
  • Notification of acceptance and award nominations: June 8, 2015
  • Final version due: June 21, 2015

Note that attending the IJCAI conference is not mandatory.

Video Contents

A wide range of videos related to artificial intelligence can be submitted to the competition, varying along a number of distinct dimensions. The topic of a video might for example be a general or specific area of AI, the work of a particular researcher or group (yourselves or others), or a concrete application that depends on one or several AI techniques and that may be based entirely on software or partly on hardware. A video may concern work with different levels of maturity, from introducing something new and interesting, through describing known but ongoing research, to summarizing a mature area or application and showing its impact on society. The intended audience
of a video can be students learning about a topic in a classroom, researchers interested in learning more about subfields outside their own, or the general public.

Specific Awards

In keeping with the above, several distinct awards will be given. The following categories are envisioned, but may change depending on the submissions received.

  • Best long video (up to 5 minutes)
  • Best short video (up to 1 minute)
  • Best application video (demonstrating a particular use of AI)
  • Most entertaining video (illustrating AI in an amusing or interesting way)
  • Most educational video (for students learning about a topic)
  • Most societally beneficial video (showing the public what AI can do and does for them)

In all cases, keeping the viewer interested and engaged is essential. The best videos of earlier AI video competitions have often achieved this through the use of humor, background music, and movies / animations. To ensure that the videos are comprehensible to a wide audience, they must be narrated or subtitled in English.


The following criteria must be satisfied by all participating videos.

  • The video must be relevant to the area of Artificial Intelligence.
  • The video must be submitted in a widely supported encoding and container format. For example, MPEG-2, Xvid or H.264 encoding in an AVI or MKV container could be used. We reserve the right to recode videos before placing them online.
  • The authors must hold the copyright for all materials used, such as music, video, sounds and images, or have explicit written permission from the copyright holders to use and distribute this material.
  • The video must not be offensive or advertise/promote commercial products.


Review Process

After the submission deadline, all submitted videos satisfying the requirements stated above will be reviewed by the video competition program committee according to the following criteria.

  • Excitement: How interesting and exciting is the actual technology, research area, application, or other work being presented?
  • Educational content: To what extent can other AI researchers, students, or the general public can learn about artificial intelligence from the video?
  • Entertainment value: How entertaining and captivating is the video to watch?
  • Presentation quality: How well is the video produced, what is the quality of the narration and soundtrack, etc.?

The best videos will be nominated for awards, and the winners decided by the committee will be revealed during IJCAI 2015.



All submissions to the video competition will be handled through ConfMaster at http://ijcai2015-video.confmaster.net/. In addition to standard information such as the entry’s title, the names of the authors and
their contact information, the following information must be submitted as a .txt file:

1. A link (URL) to a location where video the file can be downloaded by the program committee. This location should preferably be protected by a password, which should then be submitted here as well.

2. A one- or two-paragraph description of the submission.


Program Committee

The program committee for the ICJAI 2015 video competition currently includes the following members:

Alessandro Saffiotti
Alex Rogers
Ana Paiva
Andreas Herzig
Anthony G Cohn
Brandon Bennett
Carlos Chesnevar
Charles Ortiz
Daniele Nardi
Dave Robertson
Elisabeth Andre
Enrico Giunchiglia
Esra Erdem
Eyal Amir
Gerhard Lakemeyer
Hector Geffner
Holger Hoos
Jesus Cerquides
Jianwei Zhang
Karen Myers
Malik Ghallab
Malte Helmert
Mark Boddy
Michael Littman
Milind Tambe
Paul Scerri
Peter Stone
Ramon Lopez de Mantaras
Sven Koenig
Xinyu Wu

Further information

For further information about participation, please contact the chairs, Jonas Kvarnstrom and Juan-Antonio Rodriguez Aguilar, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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